A Tribute to Bon Jovi

at the Kyrenia Amphitheatre

By Ralph Kratzer

After the resounding success of the open air Deep Purple concert, to mark the 25th anniversary of the Near East University (NEU) in Nicosia in May (to remember – click here!), I did not want to miss another highlight of this year.

P1020274So I bought tickets for Bon Giovi, according to the All Stars Agency the World’s premier tribute to Bon Jovi and the New Jersey Rockers.

The concert was mainly supported by Martina Cole, owner of the Bestseller Bookstores in Alsancak and Karakum and sponsored as well by the Almond Holiday Village, North Cove Estates, Hetim Travel, Café George and Quick Line Cosmetics in support of the charities The Blind Association and Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips).

What a great idea to both bring entertainment to the audience in Northern Cyprus and to also help sick people!

The friendly lady at the Bestseller Bookstore offered concert tickets as well as free tickets for the aftershow party, including bus transfer from Kyrenia to Lapta, which I of course gladly accepted.

P1020255The event in the beautiful amphitheatre, which was built a few years ago directly on the coast line of Kyrenia, began on time at 8pm with the first opening act, The Renegades. This band, consisting of three boys and a girl with an average age of 15(!) years, delivered a great show. This was followed by a fabulous drum solo on two drums (or should I say a drum duet?), performed by the young bandleader of The Renegades and the island-wide well-known musician and entertainer Barry Snakes.

Barry is not only mentor of the young band The Renegades but also leader of the band Snakebite, which occurred as the second opening act.

At a late hour finally came the attraction of the evening, Bon Giovi with his musicians, onto the stage.

P1020270The mood among the audience was frisky, many could not be held back on their seats and they danced right in front of the stage.

But unfortunately many viewers left during Bon Giovi’s brilliant show, as the evening was just too long for them.

This is the only point of criticism on this outstanding event. The two opening acts were great, but they played a total of 2 hours. 1 hour would have been enough …

The aftershow party at the Almond Holiday Village, following the concert, was for my girlfriend and I a delightful way to end a long night.

Thanks to the sponsors of the event and to the main organizers Ahmet Asik of the All Stars Agency Promotions, who brought over Bon Giovi, and organised the event with the invaluable help of Michelle Gray!

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