December 1, 2022

Trevor’s Tips – July 2014

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By Trevor Hughes


When taking out any insurance product, you should make sure that your policy has the official company stamp placed on the bottom of each page. You should also make sure you are given an official company receipt (fatura), proving payment has been made in full. If, for whatever reason, the insurance company has not got a copy of your policy, the company may request a copy of the receipt. Without either, you may not be able to make a claim against your policy when the time arises.

Citizens Advice Cyprus

Dagli Sigorta has teamed up with the Citizens Advice Cyprus, based in Karakum on left hand side of the road next to Turk Bank when going towards  Çatalköy.Citizens Advice Cyprus

Their range of service is wide and varied and extremely useful when the time arises. They also provide a passport application service [which is one of several services on offer] and will give you all the assistance needed when making your passport application.

They are offering Dagli Sigorta customers a 20% discount on membership fees, but you will need to show your insurance document as proof when requesting the discount. We are teaming up with CAC and to give UK Citizens here in North Cyprus  the most comprehensive and far reaching information service available anywhere in the TRNC.

For more information on :   Helping Hands sharing news

Bayram Holidays

Bayram holidays for this month are 28th, 29th, 30th July where all Government, local Government offices, and banks will be closed for business. Some shops may also be closed during this holiday period.

Windows and Doors.

As you know, we are experiencing some very hot weather at the moment and we are all trying to keep ourselves and our homes as cool as possible. Remember to close all the doors and windows when going out to help burglaravoid burglaries. If you experience a break in and the point of entry is through an open window or door in all probability your insurance company will not recompense you, because there are no signs of forced entry, which will be entered in the official police report.

Plastic Bottle Tops

Since my last Trevor’s Tips article, several of you have donated the plastic bottle tops which goToparlaniyoruz logo towards obtaining wheelchairs for disabled children whose parents cannot afford one.

Would you all try and collect these tops for us and give them to me at our Saturday Lambousa Market stall.

Thank you



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