Back in time – The North Shield at Le Chateau Lambousa

Back in time – The North Shield

at Le Chateau Lambousa


By Chris Elliott

Over the past months I have visited Chateau Lambousa now Le Chateau Lambousa to follow and write about its refurbishment and recent opening.

Every time I have visited Le Chateau I have discovered a new feature which has so impressed me and this week I met with a friend there to discuss a new The fireplace has been preservedproject we will be working on and we decided to seek shade from the sun and went into The North Shield pub.

Wow! what a transformation the past Chateau Lambousa lounge area has undergone and the only feature that remains is the old fireplace which blends so well into the new decor.

I say new decor but in actual fact it is like going into a time warp, back to the days when our fathers and grandfathers were well used to going into public houses where there was so much dark woodwork and decorative glass and I find it hard to put into words the change I observed so I am including photographs of before and after so you can capture a vision of the change that has taken place.

So my friend and I sampled the ambiance and comfort of this splendid bar and sat and chatted over a cup of coffee and in the next few days the formal opening of The North Shield takes place and it looks forward to welcoming many visitors.




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