January 30, 2023

GAU Stage School Gala Night

   Thursday 26th June 2014

By gautalk

Girne American University (GAU) Stage School is marking its education year with a dance exhibition at the end of 2013/2014 Academic Year.

The students of the Stage School, which gives education within the Featured imageGAU Faculty of Performing Arts, following the education received from the international academic staff during the year, are organizing a dance exhibition on Thursday, June 26, 2014 at 18:30 in the GAU Spectrum International Congress Centre. The students of the Dance Academy, who will show the choreographies of worldwide known trainers, will prove once more that they are the authorities of the dance.

In the statement from GAU it has been confirmed that the dance exhibition, which will take place on Thursday June 26, 2014 at 18:30pm at the Spectrum International Congress Centre, will be open to the public with free entrance.

Value your Summer Holidays with GAU Stage School

It has been stated that Ballet and Hip Hop Dance Summer Schools will be arranged for those who wish to utilise their summer months and courses in other types of dance can also be arranged in accordance with demand. Summer schools will be created according to age groups and will be open to anyone who wants to participate.

Admissions for Summer School from all age groups are open until Monday 30th June.  For more information about the Summer School and Gala Night please call:  0392 650 2000 extension 1454.


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