April 1, 2023

Thank you Highflyer Marion from KAR


By Mary Day

Marion Youden was invited to the KAR office in Karakum on Tuesday 17th June and was presented with a certificate of achievement by Margaret Ray, Chairperson of KAR.

Marion had done a sponsored Paragliding jump on the 9th June and managed to raise a fantastic total of 2,720 TL.

Marion Youden Certificate Presentation 006
Margaret Ray presents Marion Youden with her certificate

The fact that Marion suffers from vertigo made the Paragliding so difficult for her to do, so it was a very brave achievement to actually throw herself off the mountain to help raise funds for KAR.

The event was plagued by high winds and was postponed twice but it eventually took place in conjunction with two fellow jumpers Roy Ashton and Heather Dilley who were raising money for NCCCT and Tulips  charities.

With both feet safely on the ground Marion said, “Once I was in the air I enjoyed the experience very much and plan to do it again, I was suprised to receive the certificate and I am thrilled.”

Margaret Ray would like to thank Marion on behalf of KAR for taking on such a giant leap for animal kind and for working so hard to raise such a wonderful amount.

Well done to Marion and congratulations on conquering your fear of heights.

Marion Youden Certificate Presentation 1

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