The Foreign Residents in the TRNC – TV-Talkshow with the TFR-Secretary

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR)

TV-Talkshow with the TFR-Secretary

By Ralph Kratzer

Since a short time, some of the posts I write for our websites, are also published in the weekly newspaper Cyprus Star, the best-selling English-language publication in North Cyprus.

Cyprus StarThe channel ADA TV is, besides the newspaper, a further part of the STAR Media Group. So it came about that I was invited by the charming presenter of the programme “This Week” to be a guest on her talkshow. “This Week” is broadcast live and in English language every Saturday from 2pm and repeated the following day at 11am. ADA TV programmes can easily be viewed via Internet (www.adatv.tv).

Maggie White, the hostess, bade me welcome before the show in the lounge of the TV-channel and immediately began to talk in a relaxed tone with me about this and that. My gentle agitation thus calmed down more and more. She told me about the show: it would be a matter of talking together about some headlines and articles in the newspaper Cyprus Star/Turkey Star, so to look back at the news of the week before. I knew in advance, the talk show would take 50 minutes, interrupted by an advertising break, and was thinking to myself: What are we going to talk about all the time?

The recording started on time at 2pm and Maggie went through some issues with me, and of course, first we talked about the current state of the peace talks between North and South Cyprus, but also about news such as criminal organ trafficking, the Virgin London Triathlon with the participation of Özmen Safa from Northern Cyprus, the water pipeline from Turkey, ongoing events on this part of the island, pollution and much more…

The time passed very quickly and my initial fears, I could not express myself well enough in English, proved to be groundless.

At last the subject came to our club, The Foreign Residents in the TRNC, and the presenter was about to immediately become a member. I think I’ll “take her on board“ next time we  meet.

For the majority of readers who could not follow the talkshow on ADA TV last week but are interested in, here comes the video recording from last Saturday. Of course I took the adverts out!