North Cyprus – TRNC News Today 27th May 2014 – Eroğlu : “no demand from USA to lower the flags”

TRNC News Today 27th May


President Eroğlu : “There was no demand from USA to lower the flags”

President Derviş Eroglu stressed that during the meeting with the USA Vice President Joe Biden the flags were at the same place and Dervis Eroglu 11added: “If there was a demand to lower the flags then this meeting would not be realized”

Stating that advisors of Joe Biden came to the Presidency before the meeting and they decided that the VIP lounge of the residency was appropriate for the meeting because there was going to be translation, Eroğlu stressed that the reason was translation not the flags.”

On the other hand Eroğlu said that he had to accept the meeting with the USA Vice President and pointed out that the visit of Biden to the TRNC and to the Presidency is very meaningful for them.

Evaluating the elections of the EU Parliament Eroglu said that the elections were completely unsuccessful for the Turkish Cypriots.

Turkish Cypriot Negotiator Ozersay has gone to Paris upon the invitation of France

Turkish Cypriot Negotiator – Kudret Ozersay has gone to Paris upon the invitation of the French Foreign Ministry in order to haKudret Özersay 3ve official contacts. The Turkish Cypriot side will be represented at this level for the first time and it is expected that Ozersay will meet high level officials of the French Foreign Ministry. Within the framework of his contacts in Paris Ozersay will also give a conference at the Europe-American Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday 28th May.

According to the diplomatic sources at this critical time, this visit to France which is one of the 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council is another factor which increases the importance of this event.

Vice Prime Minister of Slovakia got together with some Turkish and Greek Cypriot political parties

Vice Prime Minister of Slovakia, Foreign Affairs Minister and Minister for EU Affairs –  Miroslav Lajcak got together with representatives of Miroslav Lajcaksome Turkish and Greek Cypriot political parties at the buffer zone.

Miroslav Lajcak who came to the island on the occasion of 25th Anniversary of the meetings between the Turkish and Greek Cypriot political parties which were started by Czechoslovakia and are carried on by Slovakia expressed in the meeting that Slovakia gives full support to a comprehensive solution and to the confidence building measures for a comprehensive solution.

A joint text agreed by all political parties’ representatives was read at the meeting held at the buffer zone.

In the joint text, the Slovak Republic was thanked for organizing meetings for 25 years for the purpose of developing the dialogue between Turkish and Greek Cypriot political parties and continuation of the meetings was demanded.

It was also stated that “Turkish and Greek Cypriot political parties agree that the main goal is to make contribution to find a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus problem within the framework of bi-zonal, bi-communal federation based on political equality and compatible with the rights and freedom in line with UN decisions and High-Level Agreements.

It was stated in the joint text that the current status-quo is not acceptable and added that Political parties agree on the subject that continuation of the status-quo is not acceptable, an opportunity window is still open and everyone should benefit from this in order to find a peaceful solution for the benefit of all Cypriots”.

GAU establishes a university in Moldova on its 30th anniversary

Girne American University has stated that they will estabGAU logo smllish a university in Kishinev, capital of Moldova, in the 30th anniversary of its existence in the higher education sector. The name will be ‘Moldova American University’ and also the college will be named as ‘GAU American College’.

Founding Rector of GAU – Serhat Akpınar indicated that GAU has taken the flag of the country to everywhere with its campuses and told the world about the higher education sector in North Cyprus. Akpınar indicated that the first international university in Moldova will be opened by GAU and the American education system will be brought to Moldova.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office