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North Cyprus – KAV May Fair 2014

KAV May Fair 2014

By Margaret Sheard
Photos and video by Chris Elliott

Sunday 25th May was a beautiful warm day and what better for the KAV May Fair which was held at The Wild Duck in Lapta.   What a The children keep coollovely venue it was in the large outside area where there was also a pool for the children to cool off in and a covered area with a bar and section to order food.

The fair was extremely well attended and when we arrived there were many people sitting near the stage watching the entertainment which was to continue throughout the afternoon and into the evening, and many more browsing around the stalls and sitting having a cool drink under the large covered area.   At the entrance was Hamide Gűzen collecting the Hamide Guzenentrance fees which would be donated to KAV.

Following the opening speeches, there was a presentation from Ersin Ozkoycan of a book she had written entitled “My Life” which is about her life in Cyprus and being dyslexic, as well as her daughter, and also battling with cancer.  The book is written in English and must have been a major task for someone with dyslexia.  The book was available for sale which Ersin was signing for those who wished to buy a copy.

Friends Line DancersThe Friends Line Dancers gave a performance and they danced many different dances, at one point with Maria Chappell and some of the visitors joining in on the stage.   Two people missing from the Friends Line Dancers were Stephen and Janet Bartholomew, Stephen is in hospital and has been in intensive care with Janet keeping a close watch on him.   Get well Stephen and back dancing with the group soon.  There was music from The Man in Black (Jamie Vincent) who accompanied the line dancers, and he also did spots on his own.

Belly Dance from Kibris Ada TangoKibris Ada Tango

Amongst the many performances which had been arranged, there was Anafatalar School – Kibris Ada Tango who gave an excellent display of dancing.  I have been told by Maria that this was a very emotional experience as 2 of the young dancers’ friends had been killed in an accident that morning but the group decided to continue with the performance.  Later one of the members of the group performed a belly dance which delighted the audience.  There was also a brilliant performance VIBES Hip Hopfrom V.I.B.E.S. Hip Hop and Street Dance and they really put their heart and soul into it.

We wandered around, seeing many familiar faces, including Barry Snakes, and after stopping and chatting we eventually ended up at the bar to order a cool drink and some food to keep us going.  Wandering around the stalls, there was a “guess the number of sweets in the jar”, “guess the bear’s name”, tombola for children, tombola for adults as well as many stalls selling ceramics, plants, jewellery and much more.

One of the highlights of the afternoon Maria and her friend The Barberwas to be Maria’s Head Shave and she sat on the stage with her barber at the ready and asked for more sponsors.  Someone who wished to remain anonymous pledged £500 sterling NOT to have her head shaved and so with this very generous offer, I am sure Maria breathed a sigh of relief and she left the stage with her hair still intact.   We had pledged 100TL from for the head shave, and so decided to change our minds and donate it to the non-head shave anyway.

There followed some more entertainment from Leanne McDermid Leanne McDermid entertainswho entertained the audience for a long time with some great singing, accompanied by some small children who just had to get on the stage and dance to the music.

The afternoon was drawing to a close, but the event was continuing into the evening and as we were leaving we saw Scratchband with Ed and Keef setting up on the stage and starting things going for the evening.   As we were leaving there were more people arriving and so the evening entertainment was going to be well supported, which also included Col Coleman, Johnny Lee and another performer called Steve.

We have now been told that the magnificent amount of 6,000TL was raised from the event and this included 1,000TL donated by The Little Society of Kyrenia which has pledged to become involved with the research scheme to support future scholarships.    We are aware of the support that this organisation has given throughout North Cyprus to help young people and this is yet another of their charitable deeds, for which KAV is very grateful.

Well done, Maria, Christine and Hatice for a brilliant event and we hope to see many more for this very necessary charity.   Research is the key to stop people having to battle with cancer but research costs money and KAV need all the support they can get to fund the people who are carrying out so much research to find some answers.

See the video below with highlights of the event and an interview with Maria Chappell, Christine Ford and Hatice Kerimgil.

Editor’s Note

There seems to have been a bit of confusion with the excitement of Maria’s head shave and it seems that there were some people donating for a head shave and a person who donated for NOT shaving.  The sum total was in fact £500 (Maria talks of £500 in the video) which was made up of the sponsorship which was matched by the anonymous donor.








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  1. What a wonderful write up on the events of the KAV May Fair, thank you so very much, also what an amazing amount of support and help we have received from the community. This truly has given us the confidence to continue to improve on further KAV events as we have had so many offers of help and support for the future. To us three ladies our aims are being achieved as we reach out and spread the word of the work that the KAV research team do here in North Cyprus.

    For our children’s, children’s future we each need to play a part in the support of cancer research around the world, gaining knowledge and breakthrough achievements in all aspects,, this is what KAV is all about.

    We look forward to meeting you all again and many more at future events, Thank you all.

    • You all did well Maria, keep up the good work. It was a very enjoyable afternoon and a shame we couldn’t stay on for the evening, but needs must and we had to get back to start writing about the event. Now you have arranged a couple of big events we hope to look forward to more.