St Andrews Church, Kyrenia – Harmony at the Hermitage 30th May 2014

Harmony at the Hermitage 30th May 2014


News from St Andrew’s Church, Kyrenia

Why not pack up a Picnic Cyprus Style, lay out your table with friends in the Hermitage Garden in Kyrenia and enjoy the sunset  and your beautifully prepared foods 3 Coffee Morning at the Hermitage organised by St Andrews Church council memberson Friday the 30th May.

Everybody is welcome but do come on time before 7.00pm to lay out your table and to settle down as darkness closes in around you to see the big screen light up and let the music of the Ramallah concert delight and inspire you.

This is a film by Paul Smaczny and is about the  West – Eastern Divan Orchestra with Daniel Barenboim,  the youth orchestra founded in 1998 by Barenboim and his close friend Edward Said, which consists of musicians from Israel and Arab countries. The concert in 2005, was an historical landmark in the development of  musical and human relations in the Middle East.

Call 0533 841 8308 or email granieannie@hotmail.com to reserve your place and make a donation of 10TL to St Andrew’s Church.


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