December 1, 2022

Where is Frankie?

By Margaret Sheard

We have received a heart-rending plea from a couple in the Ozankoy area who have lost a beloved pet – Frankie, their cat.   Frankie is a 1year old male, neutered tabby cat and is microchipped.  He is sleek with a small face, long legs and tail.  He is fawn with black stripes and spots.  He has a small bald spot on the back of his left ear towards the top.

He was last seen 7am Monday morning 12th May.3.

There will be a reward to anyone who finds Frankie.

Tel: 0533 8208812

This is what we have been told by the devastated owners of Frankie.

I have 9 feral cats which I take care of. Frankie was found as a 4 week old kitten by a neighbour and he knew I fed the feral cats so he brought him to us.

We have never had cats before only dogs but he was hard to resist. He turned into the most beautiful cat. He was a delight and he has given us more love than we could ever imagine. My husband was not a cat lover at all but they became inseparable. Frankie is his mate, his pal and the love he has for this cat is unbelievable. He was our joy and happiness and we just want him back but it is a week now and no sign of him.

So if you live in the Ozanköy area and notice a cat which looks like Frankie please get in touch right away so that he can be reunited with his owners.


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