December 2, 2022

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR)

10 pin bowling „Cup of the Nations“

May 2014

by Ralph Kratzer

Bowling_2Due to the fact that the organizer of the monthly TFR bowling events, “Brad” Bradley and his wife Kath want to spend holidays in Vietnam for some time, the popular “Cup of the Nations” was rescheduled for the beginning of the month.

So on Wednesday, 7th May, the players from different countries, were split into the teams UK (this time an all-female team!), Germany, Sweden and the two “mixed nationalities” teams KKTC1 and KKTC2.

Some participants had already strengthened themselves before the match with snacks from the kitchen of the King’s Pin Leisure Centre, and lined up full of energy for the fun competition.

a strike!

As always, 2 games of each 10 frames were played and there were again some strikes and spares, at least what you could hear by the frenetic cheering on the various lanes. As an explanation for non-bowlers: a strike is knocking all ten pins down by the first ball, a spare is all ten pins down by the second ball. The scoring system at the bowling is not always simple but of course the computer takes over at the King’s Pin Centre.

And this helpful tool came to the following conclusions at the end of both games, which were, as always, proclaimed by Brad:

Scores of the teams: Germany on top, followed by KKTC2 , then UK (congratulations to the ladies!) KKTC1 and Sweden.

The ranking of the ladies: Gwynn at rank 1, Joss at no. 2, and Sonja in third place.

Bowling_3Among the men this time Bob and Ralph shared the first place, followed by Horst and Dick.

By the way, this gentleman on the picture right hand side was not among the participants of the TFR!

I think playing like that would not be such a good idea anyhow because the ladies would be distracted too much!

View more pictures in a slideshow by clicking here!

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