January 27, 2023

Shaykh Nazim aka Mawlana Shaykh

passed away

by Ralph Kratzer

Shaykh Nazim_2The revered Turkish Cypriot Sufi Shaykh Nazim, 92, died around midday on Wednesday. The Shaykh’s condition deteriorated over the last two days and he was placed on a respirator. He has been in hospital for more than two weeks.

His funeral rite was due to take place later on Wednesday at 4.30pm and he was to be  buried in the grounds of his dergah in Lefke.

Mawlana Shaykh, as his followers addressed him, was the leader of the Sufi Naqsibandi-Haqqani Order with millions of followers worldwide.

His son Shaykh Mehmed is his successor as the leader of the Order.

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Source: Cyprus Mail

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