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TRNC News Today – 29th April 2014

Koenig: “Turkey really wants a solution in Cyprus”

US Ambassador to Cyprus – John M. Koenig said regarding the negotiations continuing in Cyprus: “I believe that Turkey really wants a solution in Cyprus”.

Koenig gave a warning that a solution is very important and should John Koenignot be left only to the politicians. In his statement to Milliyet newspaper, Koenig indicated that Turkey and Greece are playing important role in the negotiation process and added: “I encouraged the Greek Cypriots to develop their dialogues with Turkey’s policy builders.  The Cyprus issue is often being discussed during meetings between the Turkish Foreign Affairs Minister – Ahmet Davutoğlu and US Secretary of State – John Kerry.

Koenig also added that the reason of the US demand for a solution in Cyprus is not for controlling the hydrocarbon reserves in the Eastern Mediterranean and said: “We want a solution in Cyprus for the same reason that Cypriots want a solution.”

Koenig stressed that they consider that there is a good opportunity to reach a solution in the island due to various reasons and especially due to the commitments of both leaders Anastasiades and Eroğlu who showed courage for resuming negotiations.

President Eroğlu: “Understanding that Turkish Cypriot People are obliged to make an agreement but Greek Cypriot People are not, cannot be accepted”

In a speech he made at a ceremony President Derviş Eroğlu said: “Understanding that Turkish Cypriot People are obligedDervis Eroglu - Picture by BRT to make an agreement but Greek Cypriot People are not, cannot be accepted”. Eroğlu stressed that both peoples need an agreement.

Pointing out that the Greek Cypriot side has not sat at the negotiation table with an intention to make an agreement up to today, Eroğlu said that he expects the Greek side to be more willing for a permanent solution at the substantial negotiations that will start at the beginning of May.

Foreign Minister Nami is going to İstanbul today

Minister of Foreign Affairs Özdil Nami is going to İstanbul today at Ozdil Nami image 39:35 in order to have a series of contacts.

Minister Nami will participate in a meeting at Bilge Adamlar Strategic Research Centre at 14:30 today and will also visit some media institutions within the framework of his visit.

His Private Secretary Hüseyin Özel and Political Adviser İpek Borman will accompany Foreign Minister Özdil Nami during the visit. Minister Nami will return to the TRNC tonight.

Second President Talat: “If leaders put forward their political will the problem can be solved”

Indicating that they are hopeful for the solution of the Cyprus problem however they don’t believe that it will be within this year Second President Mehmet Ali Talat said : “If the leaders put foMehmet Ali Talat 3rward their political will the problem can be solved.”

At the conference entitled the ‘Cyprus Problem’ in Aydın, Talat said that the TRNC is at a very important and strategic position. Adding that the negotiation process, which ceased due to the Greek Cypriot side’s accession to the EU, has started again, Talat said: “Negotiations process for the solution of the Cyprus problem is continuing. This process closely concerns Turkey as well and this is a very prolonged problem. This is the 50th year of this problem’s being included in the UN’s agenda. We hope it will be solved in the 50th year.

Exhibition organized in GAU

The exhibition organized by the TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs on GAU logo smlthe occasion of 50 Years of UN’s coming into mission in Cyprus has been opened to visitors at the Exhibition Hall of the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts at Girne American University.

The photo exhibition themed “50 Year Long Story- UNFICYP” depicting 42 photos of the recent 50 years was opened by the Dean of Architecture Faculty – Mr. Hossein Sadri and the Director of Public Information Office – Mustafa Erülgen yesterday.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office







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