June 3, 2023

Ozanköy Bookshop

The Heart of the Community

By Chris Elliott

In any community, it is the place that people meet that builds friendships and provides entertainment and in Ozankoy Bookshop smlNorth Cyprus there are many bars or restaurants where friends gather. Here in Ozanköy we also have the Ozanköy Bookshop which is located in the centre of the village on the one-way system and has good parking to enable visitors to park. In Ozanköy parking can be difficult with just a few areas in the centre of the village for visitors to park on their way to the bars and restaurants.

So what has the Ozanköy Bookshop got to offer that will encourage visitors or locals to go there to meet others and perhaps get involved with some of the groups that meet there.

The Bookshop opens every day except Sunday from 9.30am to 4.00pm and naturally specialises in the sale and exchange of thousands of books of so many different types for both adults and children. ThThe Garden Cafe smley also have a wide selection of gifts, postcards handmade greetings cards and prints by local artists.

Apart from good parking we now have the newly opened shaded garden cafe where you can enjoy The Menu of the Day, Salads, Quiches, Sandwiches. Cakes, Sweets and Ice cream helped on its way with Wine Beer Soft drinks, Tea or Coffee and then just sit enjoying the silence and admiring the flowering plants and bushes around you.

As we have said, there are groups that meet at the Ozanköy Bookshop that have included the Card Making Group and the Gardening Club and those who would perhaps like to take a group there or want general information please contact Barbara Burton on 0392 815 2853 or send an email to  ozankoybookshop@gmail.com. For Facebook users please click here

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