January 29, 2023

Foreign Minister Ozdil Nami

speaks to the British Citizens

By Chris Elliott

For myself, one of the reasons of going along to the British Residents SoFM Ozdil Nami at the BRS AGMciety Annual General Meeting recently was to listen to a talk arranged by Making North Cyprus Better (MNCB) by the TRNC Foreign Minister, Ozdil Nami.

Naturally I am publishing articles every day on cyprusscene.com about various subjects and this speech held a great deal of interest for me and any other British expats that live either full time or part time in North Cyprus. We would all like to know what the future holds.

I do not think we were disappointed as Ozdil Nami first confirmed the commitment of Prime Minister Yorgancıoğlu and the rest of the TRNC Government to improve legislation and reduce bureaucracy to help expatriates that choose to live in North Cyprus.

He also gave a broad overview of how the current Cyprus peace settlement discussions are progressing and what the TRNC Government is striving to achieve as a settlement aFM Ozdil Nami speaking to the British Citizensfter 50 years. ” 50 years is long enough” is a theme often referred to by President Eroğlu and the TRNC Government are committed to achieving a settlement by the end of the year..

Linked into these current discussions will of course be contingency planning to ensure North Cyprus can fully comply with the EU regulations when a settlement is reached. But please do watch the video below to form your own opinion of how developments are progressing and you may be surprised at some of the changes that are being negotiated and how they may affect you and I.

For the future I am sure we will hear far more from Making North Cyprus Better (MNCB) as they continue their contacts and discussions with the TRNC Government to help bring issues to the table for discussion and hopefully a solution to make life better.

For those who want to learn more of Making North Cyprus Better (MNCB) please click here

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