February 6, 2023

Richard Chamberlain

Cyprus through photography

By Margaret Sheard

We have met up with Richard Chamberlain on a few occasions, the first being when he was promoting his book – Cyprus ScenRichard Chamberlaines and Way of Life in 1954 which includes some wonderful photographs which he took with his trusty camera in Cyprus at the time when he was doing his National Service in the British Army, together with his twin brother Michael. This was by way of an exhibition of his photographs at The Round Tower in Girne and it proved to be very popular and well attended. There are still a number of photographs being exhibited on a permanent basis. I wrote an article following this meeting with Richard which can be read by clicking here.

Some while ago Richard told us he was going to start producing a second book which will incorporate the old and the new – Then and Now and he will be trying to reproduce some modern images of his original photographs, where possible taking them from the same spot.   A major task but I am sure Richard’s love of photography will not daunt him.Varosha

Of course there are areas which are going to present a problem, for example Varosha (Maraş), which, when Richard was in Cyprus, he was able to freely walk around and he had many photographs in 1954 which he took in this now inaccessible area.   Richard would be delighted to receive any photographs taken pre-1974 which he could perhaps marry up with some of his earlier ones to incorporate in his new book.

We met up with Richard recently on one of his frequent visits to the island, but unfortunately he had to cut his visit short and return to the UK early as his wife was unwell and he felt he shPictures at the exhibitionould be with her.  We managed to spend a little time with him just before he was due to leave and discussed the prototype of his new book which is starting to take shape and hopefully it won’t be too long before it appears on the shelves in bookshops here.   In the meantime, Richard’s first book “Cyprus Scenes and Way of Life in 1954” is available in North Cyprus and can be purchased from The Round Tower or the Bestseller Bookshops in Karakum and Alsancak. For people that have an interest in the history and culture of Cyprus, they will not be disappointed with the wonderful images in the book of people and places of yesteryear.



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