February 5, 2023

BRS – Trouble at the Mill

By Chris Elliott

It would seem trouble is brewing at the BRS Mill between the Old Guard who want to come back and take over from the New Guard following the Annual General Meeting to be held on Saturday 12th April.

So where has the gem of wisdom come from, well some local readers could have read all about it in the Cyprus Today newspaper or on the British Residents Society website today the 5th April 2014.

A lot has changed at BRS in recent times starting with a new website that gives so much more information to non members with additional information being given to members in a membership section. For the readers of cyprusscene.com and our community sharing partners who are interested, we are showing the lead story from the BRS website public section about this story including working links to important documents they wish people to read and understand.

BRS banner

 Stephen Day in Cyprus Today

Stephen Day has a moan against BRS Committee in “Cyprus Today”

This morning Stephen Day uses his role as an occasional columnist in “Cyprus Today” to criticise the present BRS Committee to the general public, whether or not they are BRS members.

Perhaps it is just a coincidence that it is only one week until the BRS AGM where he will be asking people for votes.

Some BRS members may well ask if perhaps he is using his position and influence as a columnist to try and manipulate public opinion in his favour before an election. (Maybe this could be considered electioneering – an action that was forbidden by the BRS Chair last year.)

In fact the article he submitted, like so many of his press efforts, is rich with rhetoric but sadly lacking in substance.

To read the committee response, please click here

To read about the intimidation tactics, please click here

To read our proposed solution, please click here

Any questions, (that includes you Stephen!) please email brstrnc@aim.com

Editor’s Note

“The opinions, advice or proposals within the BRS article are purely those of the author and do not, in any way, represent those of Cyprusscene.com.

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2 thoughts on “North Cyprus – BRS – Having trouble at the Mill

  1. Because the BRS seem to have been making some progress over the last couple of years with good web site, up to date information re bureaucratic issues for us foreigners etc we were considering joining. If a previous chairman who I would go as far as saying was a disgrace in his actions towards us when we first arrived becomes involved we would not touch the organisation with a barge poll and would certainly tell anyone who asks why if or when appropriate.

    After the events of recent weeks I have a feeling that BRS membership will collapse regardless because many will no longer trust the committees despite the good work that has being taking place. Unfortunately the Old Raj mentality has reappeared.

    1. Thank you for your comment David.

      AGM Day is D Day. The Decision Day by the members to continue to go forward with a the current committee that seems to be vibrant and go ahead or to choose a committee from those that have served in the past.

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