May 31, 2023

Gardening Tips by Carol

Blackwell Gibbs

By Carol Blackwell Gibbs

I expect all keen gardeners are now getting their gardens ready for the summer months. ICarol; Blackwell Gibbs certainly am as I grow many of my own vegetables.

I also fertilise all of my fruit trees now to ensure healthy growth and a good harvest of fruits! I have found a brilliant supplier of farm manure. It is three years old, dry and does Garden compostnot smell. It comes in large bags (like large shop compost bags) and he delivers, providing 8 bags are ordered.

It cost 15TL per bag. If anyone would like delivery, they can call me on 0533 864 4115 or call Ayer direct quoting Mrs Carol’s rate on 0533 885 1340. Ayer is an expert gardener and even has a TV program on Genc TV.

He has given me loads of really good tips on how to look after my garden!.

Happy gardening! Carol

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