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TRNC News Today 28th March 2014


President Eroğlu: “I strongly condemn attack of ELAM aimed at Mr. Talat”

Dervis Eroglu 11In his written statement regarding ELAM attack aimed at Former President, Mehmet Ali Talat during a conference in Limasol, President Derviş Eroğlu stated: “I strongly condemn the ELAM attack against Former President, Mehmet Ali Talat and his team. It is a regrettable fact that certain groups among the Greek Cypriot community still have hostile feelings against Turkish Cypriots. Reaching of such feelings to the extent of violence against the Turkish Cypriots is unacceptable. Everyone who declares themselves as a supporter of peace and solution in Cyprus should oppose such events.”

Prime Minister Yorgancıoğlu condemns the attack against Talat

In his speech made during General Assembly of the Parliament yesterday (27.03.20Özkan Yorgancıoğlu 214), Prime Minister Özkan Yorgancıoğlu condemned ELAM’s attack against the Former President Mehmet Ali Talat and stressed that such incidents will not contribute to peace in Cyprus.

Moreover, PM Yorgancıoğlu criticized Greek Cypriot police for not taking the necessary precautions and called the Greek Cypriot authorities to take the necessary steps in order not to experience the same again.

Former President Talat: “We should struggle with fanaticism”

After he was attacked in Limasol by members of the far-right extremist group ELAM, the Former President Mehmet Ali Talat said: “We should struggle with fanaticism everywhere and we should win the struggle Mehmet Ali Talat 3because if members of ELAM win the struggle, a solution in Cyprus will become impossible”.

In his statement to the Greek Cypriot press, former President Talat said “The aim of the conference in Limasol was to develop mutual understanding and culture for reconciliation between the Turkish and Greek Cypriots. We need this to reach a solution in Cyprus otherwise, even if the leaders reach a settlement, it will not be as permanent as we desire”.

Moreover, mentioning the aim of the incident organized by fascist Greek Cypriot organization ELAM, former President Talat said “This attack was organized to interrupt developing mutual culture for reconciliation, but our aim is to face such things for a permanent solution and united Cyprus, oppose fascist activities and to help the Turkish and Greek Cypriots to isolate such parties.”

Anastasiades discharges Greek Cypriot Police Chief

It was reported that Greek Cypriot Police Chief Michalis Papageorgiou has Cyprus Policebeen discharged from his office after the incident in which Former President, Mehmet Ali Talat was attacked during a conference in Limasol by members of the far-right extremist group ELAM.

Greek Cypriot press announced that Greek Cypriot President Nikos Anastasiades discharged the Greek Cypriot Police Chief Michalis Papageorgiou from his office for not taking the necessary precautions for the conference.

Attorney General’s Office forgives ELAM members

It was stated that Greek Cypriot Attorney General’s Office investigated the file, ELAMissued by AKEL Secretary General Andros Kiprianu due to military training and exercise realized by ELAM members in ‘Maşera’ region (Greek Cypriot National Guard’s desolated military region.)

After investigation, Greek Cypriot Attorney General’s Office determined that these are criminal offences but they decided to forgive ELAM members for the time being.

European Commission reiterates its support to Cyprus negotiations

Cyprus Steering Group, which convened under the chairmanship of PresidentJose Manuel Barroso 2 of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso, reiterated its support to the negotiations started by the sides in Cyprus for reaching an agreement.

Following the meeting, President Barroso stated that the courage shown by the two leaders to start the talks and the positive atmosphere this has triggered on the island reinforced his belief in the genuine opportunity to solve the Cyprus issue. Barroso expressed his expectation that the negotiations will swiftly address matters of substance and that a final settlement is found for the benefit of all the Cypriots.

Downer: “To reach a solution in the island is difficult but not impossible”

UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor to Cyprus organized a press conference yesterday at the buffer zone and stated that to reach a solution in the island is difficult but not impossible.

Alexander Downer LHStating that Cypriots should make and approve the agreement, Downer underlined that he knows the position of the sides and thus he can say that ‘this is possible’.

Stating that the success in the negotiations depends on the peoples and leaders in Cyprus, not the UN representatives and advisors serving in the island, Downer pointed out that the UN cannot impose any agreement here and the responsibility of the UN is only to assist.

Stating that the leader of Greek Cypriot administration Anastasiades and TRNC President Dr. Derviş Eroğlu are effective and powerful politicians who can provide an agreement, Downer added that there is a combination composed of good leaders in Cyprus.

Downer also stated that the people should not get desperate because the leaders in Cyprus have courage, commitment and strength to be able to do it.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office






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