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Cyprus – DIKO leader proving a

worthy heir to his father

John Aziz Kent’s comments

By John Aziz KentJohn Aziz Kent sml

Reading the Cyprus Mail, I read with deep interest the article by Loucas Charalambous, “ DIKO leader proving a worthy heir to his father” and am sharing with our readers my comment to the article which is also shown below and god willing, we will see a change of attitude in the future here in Cyprus.

My comment:

Dear Mr Loucas Charalambous, please continue writing the TRUTH and maybe Mr Nicos Rolandis can support the ongoing negotiations after 60 years of agony for the Cypriot people both GREEKS and TURKS suffering because of the inexcusable decisions by a few politicians, this is the last opportunity so let’s not lose it.

Please, the Papadopoulos family must not be allowed to destroy the ongoing negotiations once again.”

DIKO leader proving a worthy heir to his father

Cyprus Mail 9th March 2014

By Loucas Charalambous

I HAD CLAIMED in a previous article that Nicolas Papadopoulos was proving worse than his father.

Like the late Tassos, he is an incurable word obsessive, with the political brain of a child, also immersed in the sterile misery of our political culture which perpetuates our official mythology. The mythology that claims the whole world is plotting against us and that all our woes were caused by the Americans, English, Europeans, the UN, NATO and everyone else apart from our foolish selves.

I had the patience to read the correspondence between Papadopoulos’ son and President Anastasiades over the joint declaration that led to DIKO’s departure from the government. He is living in another world and has no contact with reality. He seems to repeat anything that comes to his mind.

His letter of January 24 was an ode to political lunacy. In it he tries to persuade Anastasiades that there could be no talks this year. This was because, he wrote, all the interested parties have other things to deal with and had no time to give to the Cyprus problem.

Turkey has elections. Officials of the EU “know that during elections in Turkey and in the EU dealing with the Cyprus problem would be an exercise in futility”. Greece would only be able to give time to it after the summer because now “it has the presidency of the Council of the EU” and could spare no time for Cyprus.

In Cyprus, Papadopoulos adds, the recession will worsen and “as things are shaping up, the Turkish Cypriot side Nicolas-Papadopoulos picture by Cyprus Mail smlwill have its hands tied in 2014.” (Here we need a mind-reader to explain what is meant and how our recession ties the hands of the Turkish Cypriots).

He also wrote: “As a result of the situation in Turkey, nor will the rest of the ‘players’ in the Cyprus issue (US, UK, UN) be prepared to devote their time and grey matter to the problem. They have other priorities. The US has an additional reason – they do not want Erdogan to use their possible interest in the Cyprus issue as life-jacket for his political rescue.”

For a single letter, this boasts an awful lot of nonsense. His political intellect could only be compared with that of his father. Perhaps we should be grateful that we have this bright political star to inform us that nobody on the planet is willing to spend their time and grey matter on the Cyprus problem.

But is this the case? The Turkish prime minister and two of his ministers keep saying that they want a settlement in the next few months. For the first time our negotiator has gone to Ankara to speak directly with the Turkish government and Greece has done the same with the Turkish Cypriot negotiator. The President and members of the European Commission keep repeating their support for a settlement and have been urging us to hurry so the opportunity is not lost. The British PM and his foreign secretary have been telling us the same, while the UN Secretary-General talks of a momentum that should be exploited.

Even the US president, for the first time in the history of Cyprus problem, issues a personal statement about Cyprus and refers to Famagusta. The US Vice-President will visit Cyprus – the first time there would be such a visit in the Republic’s history – in order to push negotiations.

The only person in Cyprus that is unaware of all this and insists that none of the above would devote their “time and grey matter” is the political messiah Nicolas Papadopoulos, who has even discovered that the Americans do not want a settlement now because this would save Erdogan whom they supposedly want to drown.

Nicolas is proving a worthy heir of his father’s political wisdom. It remains a mystery how, with such a brilliant mind, Nicolas lost the title of ‘the cleverest Greek’ to that peculiar chap that is a frequent guest on CyBC TV shows. This is unfair. The DIKO leader deserves this title instead and I am prepared to campaign to right this wrong.

Source: Cyprus Mail, to read this and more articles, please click here


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  1. an article that goes to the heart of the Cyprus problem. The inability to solve the Islands dispute is a testament to our stupidity. Loucas Charalambous says it as it is. Happy to see John Aziz Kent bringing this article to our attention.

  2. Loucas Charalambous deserves to be praised for his clear and concise political insight and expression. And a thank you to John Aziz Kent for this post.

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