December 5, 2022

St Andrew’s Church, Kyrenia

100 Years of Worship

St Andrews Church Cemtenary

By Chris Elliott

Many people may have visited St Andrew’s Church in Kyrenia but how many of them know about its history and what the people involved with the church actually do and what are they planning to do.

Firstly, St Andrew’s Church has a great website click here and a Facebook page click here where so much can be learned if you care to explore the pages and sections.

I was delighted when I recently visited the website to discover a very good video which displays and charts the history and progress into the future with much information about the peoplSt Andrew's Churche involved, their activities and also the good work they have been doing with social and fund raising events.

This is of course a place of worship and it is fascinating to learn that there are now, in addition to mainly British expat  worshippers,  growing numbers of Europeans as well as African, West Indian and Filipino expats. In addition Russian and Turkish language groups use the church for their religious activities.

St Andrews also has an 8 donum site in Kyrenia with 100 olive trees which is the Chaplain’s Residence – The Hermitage and with other buildings it is put to good use  with seasonal and other events. Whilst talking about events we should of course mention the Church Hall which is under the Church and here there are many events including on a Wednesday there is an outreach in the Hall with a shop, a DVD club, library and refreshments.

There is so much to tell about St Andrews and if you will play the video below you will be amazed what there is to learn and enjoy and hopefully want to participate in.

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