North Cyprus – Knight Templar and

the challenge of the gauntlet

By Chris Elliott

Recently on a  article, ” North Cyprus The Knight Templar is walking for Tulips (click here to view), one of our readers noticed and asked the question why was our Knight Templar wearing gauntlets of the St John’s order and there is a mystery and some controversy with all things connected to the Knights Templar, this is what he had to say:

“None of the “poor” knights were apparently poor, nor were they all French. Several came from important French and Flemish families. Of the ten original Knight Templar and the St Johns guantletknights, four have not been identified, although their names are known. Furthermore, it seems unlikely that the Knights of the Temple of Solomon were formed to protect the pilgrims to Jerusalem because such an order of knights already existed. They were the Knights Hospitallers or Knights of St. John, later to become the Knights of Malta. (THE MALTESE  or ST JOHN GAUNTLET)

It is important not to confuse the Knights Templar with the Knights of Malta, as many readers, and some historians, do. The Knights Templar are quite different from the other crusaders and were sometimes said to fight in combat against each other, even in the “Holy Land.”

The Knights Hospitallers, which still exist today as the Knights of Malta, were forced to leave Malta by Napoleon, who stopped at the island on his way to Egypt. Today the Knights of Malta reside in Italy, still have their own “sovereign country” and are said to be a secret society for the Vatican.

Charles Addison, a London Lawyer, who wrote in his 1842 book The History of the Knights Templar mentions in the Knight Templar 1first few pages how it was commonly believed the Templar’s were at odds with the Vatican and their military arm, the Knights Hospitallers. Addison denies the rumours, but admits such rumours existed.

I prefer to accept the fact that the orders of the Templar’s and of St John were allies when required in battle but remained somewhat hostile to each other as a result of their military and religious differences. In order to explain my wearing of the St John gauntlets I fought alongside a Hospitallier who unfortunately fell in battle. As a mark of my respect to him and his order, and my appreciation of his devotion, I wear his gloves with pride.”

Do come along to see our very own Knight Templar walk in aid of Help Those With Cancer Association – Tulips through Kyrenia  on Saturday 1st March starting at Old Kyrenia Harbour around 11.00am and have your photograph taken with him and even perhaps, ask a question or two.

Statement from Esentepe Fun, Run and Ramble 2014 committee

 Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Knight Templar will NOT now begin his walk from St. Hilarion.

The Knight Templar, accompanied by committee members will begin his journey from Kyrenia Harbour, starting as 11.15am on Saturday, 1 March.  The rest of the route is unaffected.


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