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TRNC News Today 21st February 2014



Indicating that comments regarding sending back those who came from Turkey and became TRNC citizens in case of an agreement were not true President Eroğlu said: “the comments Dervis Eroglu 8made by the Greek Cypriots on this issue are not true. The Turkish army cannot leave Cyprus because the Guarantee and Alliance Agreements were signed by three states. Therefore, three states should decide unanimously. If we consider the sine qua non of Turkey these demands are not possible.”

Eroglu answered the questions of AA correspondent regarding the new period in the Cyprus negotiation process.

Expressing that there were issues that pleased him in the joint statement agreed with the Greek Cypriot side, Eroglu said that it was ‘very natural’ that the statement was written in a way which addressed  both sides and stressed that the important thing was to establish a bi-zonal, bi-communal partnership based on political equality of two founding states.

As it is known, the Cyprus negotiation process was interrupted by the Greek Cypriot Administration in 2013 due to the presidential elections and economic crisis in South Cyprus.


During his conference held in Paphos, Former President, Mehmet Ali Talat stated he believed that a settlement can be reached in Cyprus due to the current conditions and both sides can approve the solution plan.

During the conference and also during the press meeting organized before, Talat stressed that duMehmet Ali Talat 2ring his presidency, he could not reach a settlement with the former Greek Cypriot leader Demetris Christofias due to the problems created by the Greek Cypriot political parties and the insufficient time.

Talat added that Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades has advantages to reach a settlement due to the new conditions and also his being close to the right-wing and the church.

Underlining that advantages of a solution in the island both for the region and the Turkish and Greek Cypriot people are extremely important, Talat said that if the negotiations continue from the stage they left, it will be possible to reach a settlement in a very short time.

Replying to a question regarding Turkey’s influence over the solution process, Talat pointed out that since the year of 2000, Turkey desires a solution in Cyprus and spends efforts towards reaching a solution.


Turkish Cypriot negotiator Kudret Özersay went to the Kudret Özersay 3capital of Turkey, Ankara, with a group of the negotiation team for a one day business visit yesterday (20th February 2014).

According to the statement of the Presidency, Özersay had a meeting with the Undersecretary of the Turkish Foreign Ministry, Feridun Sinirlioğlu. During the meeting, the latest developments on the Cyprus issue were discussed.


In a statement made by the US White House it has been indicated that Barack ObamaPresident Obama thanked Erdoğan for his constructive role in Turkey’s efforts on Cyprus to renew negotiations for a settlement.

It has been also recorded in the statement that Obama mentioned that Turkey can demonstrate leadership in the world through positive engagement.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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  1. yes i agree the army must stay ,as they are the assurance , we were put on the back burner pre 74 and were it appears looked on as second class citizens , and i’m afraid this will continue once the army leaves unless a joint or some kind of joint garentuor ship ie composed of a mixture of Turk ,greek,Brit and other peacekeepers that are ready to stamp out any troble makers, , you see its the individuals that may cause and stir things the separatists or nationalist that make it hard for the ordinary civilian ,look at the golden dawn that’s in greece ,what if they started there ambitious onesided selfish activities in Cyprus.

  2. army must stay unless there is an international body that is based in cyprus that deals with all seperatists, natioanlists and those like the golden dawn in Greece ,sadly after the last eppisode resulting in turkey entering to save the Cypriots from the nationalists turks dont trust greeks when it comes to Cyprus ,sadly its been greek one sided ness so far , and there is still a lot of fear anger distrust and frustration with the greek version and how they succesfully gained support by the international community.sadly ,

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