December 6, 2022

NCCCT Bingo Night – February


By Margaret Sheard

Monday 17th February was the monthly NCCCT Bingo Night at Pine Bay Hotel in Alsancak. It was also the first time I had driven my car for 2½ months due to a back problem, however, knowing that there had been a very poor turnout in January, I gritted my teeth and made the effort, along with my sister, to boost the numbers. I try to publicise this Carole Lloyd and Mike Alicanevent on our website as much as possible to help the charity, as do others, but I seem to be the only one who attends the event and rarely see other media members there.

Unfortunately, the February attendance was again disappointing and Carole and Mike only just made the required number of players and even then this was with 2 ladies playing two cards each. We are at a loss to understand the poor attendance as it is a very nice venue, easily accessible and they serve very nice meals if you want to eat. Carole would be very interested to receive comments as to what can be done to increase the number of players.

The total amount raised was 140TL which included a donation by the hotel from the meals served. There was a total of 14 players and with Bingo smlno-one winning the jackpot this will be rolled over to next month at 1,100TL with 49 numbers. At the end of the evening there is a “last number called” prize and again this was not won so this also will roll over to next time at 100TL.

They say every little helps, and so it does, but the more money which can be raised to buy equipment for our local hospital, the more benefit we will have if we are unfortunate enough to need medical treatment.

So please try and lend your support at the next Bingo Night which will be on Monday 17th March at 8pm – Pine Bay Hotel, Alsancak.

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