December 5, 2022

Kyrenia Medical Centre –

Another person’s experience

By Margaret Sheard

Following my recent article “Health Care- Kyrenia Medical Centre at Kamiloğlu Hospital” – I had quite a few very nice and encouraging comments, one in particular which I thought I would share with our readers of a positive result of treatment experienced at this hospital. This was quite a few years ago and it would seem that the high standards of this establishment have been maintained.

By Ray Meredith

Margaret Sheard’s experience of Kyrenia Medical Centre (Kamiloglu Hospital) confirms my own opinion of this establishment. I went there myself some years ago, soon after it opened, for x-ray and ultra sound tests; fairly routine procedures but I was impressed by the attention that Ray MeredithI was given and the speed with which everything – including the results – was completed.

In October 2012, however, my wife’s experience was more impressive. She developed a pain in her right shoulder, which became so acute that she was unable to sleep. Kath made an appointment to see our GP, Dr Huseyin Cenkler, at 4 pm the same day, a Friday. We arrived at his clinic at Fehmi Ercan Caddesi, in central Kyrenia, at 3.45, went straight in and within a few moments, Dr Huseyin recognised that a specialist orthopaedic opinion was required. He telephoned the KMC and Dr Huseyin Kalgay, whom Margaret saw, said that he would see Kath immediately. The hospital is just a few minutes away and on arrival, we were taken to Dr Kalgay’s room. After an initial examination, he sent Kath downstairs, where the x-ray team were waiting for her and by 4.10, she was back, discussing the result of the x-ray. The diagnosis was deterioration in the shoulder joint and a probable tear of one tendon, possibly two.

To confirm his opinion, supported by the x-ray results, Dr Kalgay wanted Kath to have an MRI scan. This is one procedure that could not be done in-house but if we could get to Lefkosa before 6 pm, it could be done right away. It was still only 4.30 but as we did not know the location of the facility (Alfa Emar), we opted to leave it until the next day and an appointment was made for 10.30am on Saturday. Again, we arrived early (it is easy enough to find) and by Dr Huseyin Kalgay10.30, we were on our way back to Kyrenia, with the MRI film and typewritten report for Dr Kalgay, whom we saw at 5pm the same day – Saturday.

After some discussion, it was agreed that an operation was the only solution to Kath’s problem and Dr Kalgay said that he could do it on Monday. She went into the hospital at mid-day, to find our GP, Dr Huseyin Cenkler, waiting, to ensure that Kath was comfortable and understood what was to happen. The operation was successful and when I visited at about 6pm, Dr Huseyin appeared again to check on his patient. Kath came home the next day and although there was a lot of residual pain and two or three follow-up consultations, we could not fault the treatment that she received.

Fortunately, we are insured, so everything was covered and cost was not an issue. If it is, then I would advise getting an indication of cost before getting involved with any private treatment.

Incidentally, although both of us have had treatment at the hospital, we know nothing of the registration process described in Margaret’s report, so that must be a new initiative.

Indeed, the Kyrenia Medical Centre has realised the need for this type of facility and have introduced registration, they will retain all of your records which is a great help in avoiding the need to carry documents, x-rays etc. back and forth. The Centre will establish your exact location which is installed on their SAT/NAV so that in the event of a call out they can come directly to your home, a great asset in the event of a life-threatening emergency.

5 thoughts on “Kyrenia Medical Centre – Another experience

  1. So clearly because I put comments that didnt show this Hospital in a glowing light you remove it and dont print it. Rather childish and poor in my opinion. If all you waqnt are positive comments you are not really worth following as it is simply VERY poor journalism and pathetic reporting.

    1. Hello Grahame, no we have not removed your comment, we have just not approved it because you were angry and clearly in a fit of pique when you posted your first comment because you felt you had not received the service you expected and we were going to write to you to try and help you.

      We need to get things into perspective and if have experienced service which is not to your liking then we will be pleased to help you make that contact so you can make your complaint in a constructive manner.

      If you feel we are not worth following because we operate in a manner that does not suit you then that’s your choice because many thousands of readers do and as they say, we all have a choice in life .

  2. AS I say, you clearly only want to print positive comments and disregard the negative. In my original post i complimented Dr Kalgay and criticised the nursing staff slightly.If you do not want people to read the truth then that is your prerogative. My experience last week was appalling and people should know that KH isnt all sweetness and light despite what you say.

    1. Hello Graeme,

      You seemed to missed the point which is we offered to help you make your complaint to the hospital management but by your actions you only wish to complain without giving them the right of reply which is not constructive. We would like to remind you that we are not a forum where, if badly managed anything goes.

      We have made our offer to help you deal with this issue and if you do not wish to take it that is your choice.

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