December 5, 2022


By John Theodore-Edevu (Metin)

Coming to Cyprus has been one of the most beautiful and adventurous decisions I have taken. Anyway, I am John Theodore-Edevu popularly known as Theodore by English speaking folks, Bafidi Metin (Metin from Paphos) by Cypriots and Adanali Metin (Metin from Adana) by Turkish folks. I arrivTheodoreed in Cyprus on the 14th of October 2012. It was a very interesting journey all the way from Africa until I arrived in Cyprus.

Just like we say in Turkish ‘Hersey boyle basladi’ meaning everything started like this. Everything started in mid September 2012 when I saw an advertising video on TV talking about studying abroad. It caught my attention because I’ve always had that dream of studying abroad. I called the telephone numbers displayed on the screen and made a visit to them in order to get further information. Upon arrival I was told that the admissions for the academic calendar of US, UK and Canada had ended at that particular time which was my actual plan so I was given the options of Cyprus, Georgia and one other country which I can’t remember right now and at that point I started having a soft spot for Cyprus which even up till now I can’t figure out why, surprisingly  the agent also advised me to go for Cyprus, so I made up my mind at once without asking more questions because as an optimist, I believe everything will always work out for me anywhere I find myself.

Being a man of peace right from my childhood, I have been involved in settling so many disputes amongst my peers, amongst families and people I don’t even know, everywhere I find myself. Growing up I developed a keen interest in the United Nations (UN) because it is going to be a perfect platform for me to establish peace all over the world.  I had always heard about the war in Iraq, Iran, Kuwait etc right from when I was a young lad and I have always wished if I could be in the position to settle these unending wars that was why studying International Relations wasn’t a bad idea at all.

I actually started my journey on 13th of October 2012 from Benin City, Nigeria, Africa. It was a late night flight from Lagos to Istanbul so we arrived in Istanbul in the early hours of 14th of October 2012. It was about a 6 or 7 hour flight.  Having arrived we were told our flight to Ercan Airport in Cyprus was scheduled for the afternoon so we had to wait for several hours in the airport. We used the opportunity to make some friends from different parts of the world, got to know each other, and sErcanhared our various experiences which were really full of excitement. We were hungry but we never had an appetite to eat probably because of the great excitement. It was all fun and adventure.

At about 15:00 or 16:00 hours we were told we had to start boarding, a few minutes later we took off for Cyprus and it was time to say goodbye to Istanbul. Quite a lot of information about Cyprus was given to me by a German couple who sat beside me in the aircraft who said they visit Cyprus in every holiday period. We spent about an hour both in the air and landing. It was a very short and beautiful flight because I spent all my time chatting and asking the German couple about Cyprus.

Upon arrival I found everything and everyone so interesting and at that point I knew history was about to be made. Being a media friendly person I was more concerned with the media and entertainment industry of Cyprus but little did I know this was the time to make the history I had anticipated.  I turned on my TV and Radio only to realize that everything is done in Turkish and I was totally lost because I couldn’t understand even a single word.  I did my research and I was told Turkish is the official language, so I did further research by speaking to both citizens and foreigners and I discovered that they don’t even watch TV or listen to Radio just because of the language barrier. I also remembered how the roads in Nicosia were blocked by the military for a function and not even a single foreigner could eTheodore at Kanal Txplain what was going on to me, at that point I decided to avail myself to bridge that gap by being the medium of communication between foreigners and the locals.

My findings also revealed to me the names of the 4 most viewed TV stations in North Cyprus. I approached them one after the other to discuss my ideas with them. One of them turned me down, the other 2 told me their boss wasn’t in and that I should leave my contact details, they would discuss my idea with the boss upon his arrival and they would get back to me – which they never did.

Anyway, the 4th station, which happened to be KANAL T, was fascinated with my idea, so they asked me to return the following Wednesday when I would be introduced to the boss. I did as I was told and that was how I found myself in the media of Cyprus in November 2012. Mrs Sibel Tatar, who is the Director, gave me a very warm welcome and a beautiful smile which displayed acceptance.

She, Mrs Tatar, assigned me a cameraman and  staff from the news department who have an idea of the English Language which eased my communication problems to an extent. I was told that I would be given a trial period of 3 months to ascertain if the people will love my TV Show or not. Sibel Tatar I designed and named the TV Show after me, ‘THEODORE’S TV SHOW’ but I decided to spend about 3 or 4 weeks to learn about how the media of Cyprus works.  Meanwhile I developed my Turkish language which I started learning right from my first day in Cyprus.

On December 25th 2012, I made my first video entitled ‘THEODORE’S TV SHOW – CHRISTMAS SPECIAL EDITION’ which was recorded in Kyrenia Harbour, I spoke with a lot of people from different countries and backgrounds about their idea of Christmas. I remember speaking with an African-Turkish who happened to be a Captain of a yacht. It was such a remarkable day as I got a lot of overwhelming embraces and support from almost everyone I spoke with in the video. Names such as Cyprus’ Michael Jackson, Barack Obama, African Ambassador, Man of the people etc were given to me right from the day I recorded my first video and it was my first video that landed me in the limelight.  I have been applauded by many for my positive mindset, for bridging the gap and for my ability to communicate in Turkish fluently in just a year Theodore with the localswithout attending Turkish classes. I also discovered I am the first ever Foreign, African and Nigerian TV presenter and producer in the history of Cyprus.

I have been accepted into the Cyprus community as one of their own and greatly loved by the Cypriots, Turkish, African and other foreigners. I have had the opportunity of meeting the wives of the leaders of North Cyprus, top government functionaries and the “who is who” in Cyprus such as The Consul of the American Embassy in Cyprus – Steven ROYSTER, Mrs Meral EROĞLU, Mrs Gulin KŰÇŰK, Mrs Emine AKCA, Mr Ersin TATAR, Edjan SADRAZAM  etc. I have attended an unaccountable number of functions, events, programs, seminars where people such as the wife of the President – Mrs Meral EROĞLU, the wife of the former Prime Minister – Mrs Gulin KŰÇŰK, Cyprus’ first ever female Prime Minister – Dr. Sibel SIBER, former Minister of Finance and now Member of Parliament – Mr Ersin TATAR, and many other Ministers, where I have always happened to be the only African in attendance.

My previous TV Show ‘THEODORE’S TV SHOW’ ended my 1st year during 2013 and due to the overwhelming welcome and warm embrace given to me by the Cyprus peoTheodore's TV Show Christmas Special Edition 2ple (Greek and Turkish) I have decided to dedicate and name my new TV Show after them, which is ‘CYPRUS IN THE SPOTLIGHT with THEODORE’.

It is an advanced form of ‘THEODORE’S TV SHOW’ and  it will have so many additional features according to the requests from our fans. It is going to be in 3 Languages; English, Greek and Turkish so that an average Cypriot or any Foreigner can understand.  It will feature all the important events in south and north Cyprus, sights and sounds of Cyprus, exclusive interviews in and out of our studio, history and remarkable facts about Cyprus etc. It will also play the role of foreign affairs; it is simply geared towards promoting Cyprus, her people and the rich touristic and historic value of Cyprus. it will be shown on both Greek and Turkish Cypriot TV Channels.  It is expected to starting airing during the first quarter of this year. For further information or sponsorship you can contact us with: or the official Facebook page: Click here

You may also contact me through my Facebook page click here

This and more information will be communicated to you in due course. Watch out soon on cyprusscene pages!

A profound gratitude goes to Papa Ayo Oristesejafor, the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) who is the major facilitator of my trip to Cyprus, Comrade Oyibo, the ex Chairman of Sapele Local Government Area The Tatar Familyof Delta State of Nigeria who also contributed a lot in making my coming to Cyprus a reality and  Halil Aydin of Aydin Canta who told me about KANAL T and has also given me so much fatherly advice. The biography of my Life so far cannot be complete without these names.

In concluding my introduction article on, I would like to add that one of the best families I have met in Cyprus has been the ‘TATAR FAMILY’. They appreciate me, believe in my dreams and gave me the opportunity to showcase them before the world. I will also use this opportunity to thank  ‘dear Canev Tatar,’ the daughter of Mr and Mrs Tatar, who truly appreciated me and makes me feel important. She has given me so much intelligent advice and uncommon encouragement.  In fact her birthday wishes were the best I had for my birthday. Her birthday wish is like a fuel in my vehicle and felt really special and appreciated. She was also the only one who sent me a birthday music video, all of this I will not forget in a hurry.

God bless you Canev. May God grant you all your heart desires. I wish you the best of life and a fulfilled destiny.

Lastly, I would also like to conclude with another Turkish proverb since I started with one.

Kendi ile barisik olan insan, herkes ile barisik olur  meaning If you feel peace within yourself, it is possible to feel peace with others.

See below my first video ‘THEODORE’S TV SHOW – CHRISTMAS SPECIAL EDITION’ which I talked about in this article:

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