August 15, 2022

Arabahmet Culture House to be

revived by GAU

The Founding Rector of GAU and Chancellor of Board of Administrators – Serhat Akpınar made a significant statement with regard to the Arabahmet Culture House Project

1 Girne American University has added one more Project to its historical and cultural social responsibility projects on the eve of the 30th year of GAU’s establishment. “Arabahmet Culture House” which is situated in Nicosia walled city will be restored and revived by GAU.

Serhat Akpınar has announced that Arabahmet Culture House is multifunctional due to its location and structure and will be an ideal business place for preserving the historical and cultural aspects of Nicosia.  He said  “This Place will appeal to all”

Akpınar underlined that the main aim of securing the tender was to reintegrate the Arabahmet Culture House to the Society and recalled the protest of some non-governmental organizations against the privatization of the building and asked for common sense.

Akpınar stressed that “we are not enemies”; he further stated that the building is only aimed to be reintegrated to the Society and will be appealing to all ranks of the Society.  “Arabahmet will be a centre for Art and Culture in Nicosia”3

The most prominent aim is to restore the building, announced by GAU, and soon to reintegrate it to the Society and support the development of the region.

The Arabahmet Culture House will consist of old Cypriot street games and toys museum, culture house art entrance hall, performing arts centre, Arabahmet culture cafe, culture and art exhibition field, artist and folk centre, ARABAHMET Culture cafe, cultural and artistic exhibition field, art library, workshop and atelier centre and centres for research and development in the region of Nicosia Arabahmet. Akpınar also emphasized that the building which will function as the centre of culture and art in the capital of Nicosia will also consist of a Culture Heritage Management team under the Research and Development Office.

Akpınar – “The forgotten beauty and culture of Arabahmet must be rekindled”

Akpınar emphasized that these opportunities must be assessed efficiently and encourage locals, tourists, youth and producers to benefit from this. The2 forgotten beauty and culture of Arabahmet must be rekindled and reintegrated with other cultural establishments and institutions and non-governmental organizations in the TRNC.

Furthermore Arabahmet Culture House will be open to everybody who wishes to benefit from this cultural building stated Akpınar and he added that the building opportunities are very limited and the only aim of preference is to its cultural value.

Additional plans are being conducted to produce solutions for the most significant problems of the walled city – land and transportation. Akpınar finally stated that other ruined structures which have no ability to be restored or have no historical value are much more beneficial to be re-constructed into parking lots by the municipalities and assessed the buildings further in detail.

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