December 8, 2022

Esentepe Fun, Run And Ramble 2014

Walker, Paul will do it again!

Raising money for TULIPS (Help Those With Cancer Association)

There are some great people around who go out of their way to help others and we were pleased to receive the following news from Sue Steel on behalf of the organising committee.

One the event’s regular participants, Paul Harman of Yorkshire, will again walk the 5km Esentepe Fun, Run and Ramble 2014 in aid of TULIPS, Help Those With Cancer.

Mr Harman, 43, along with his parents Anita and Mike Harman have a holidayAnita Harman, Paul Harman, Mike Harman home in Esentepe but they will not be in North Cyprus on 6th April. Nevertheless, Mr Harman, who embodies the ethos of this event, is resolutely collecting a significant amount of money from family and friends here and in the UK and will be walking the route on his return in late April or early May.

Readers will remember that last year, Paul walked the route, aPaul Harman, Gill Moonfter the event, with Gill Moon and he will do the same again this year.

Paul said: “I have already filled my sponsor form and am taking another one with me to UK so that everyone has a chance to donate.”

Art Watson, Chairman of the organising committee member said “Mr Harman is an inspiration to us all. He knows he won’t be here on 6th April but still he is getting sponsorship and is determined to do the walk on his return and raise as much as he can for this North Cyprus charity.”

Sponsorship forms can be obtained by emailing: or by calling Ivor Moon on 0533 839 5280.

There are a lot of activities developing around the Esentepe Fun, Run And Ramble 2014 event and great efforts are being made to raise contibutions for TULIPS (Help Those With Cancer Association), so do keep watching this space for more news.

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