August 9, 2022

International Board of

Diplomats meet GAU Board of


Meinel, “The EU Commission should be ashamed of its attitude towards the TRNC”

The International Board of Diplomats, who came to Cyprus in order to hold official talks in the TRNC, met with the GAU Board of Trustees with the aim of evaluating the studies related to the TRNC Universities’ accreditation with the European Union.

Gunther Meinel – the Chairman of IBD and retired embassy and ex- economy consultant of the Prime Minister of Federal Germany, Diplomats Association Turkish Board of Trustees Chairman – Ferhat Bozcelik, Businessman – Manfred Hellwig, CP-BAU Board of Trustees Chairman and businessman – Rolf Heinecke, International and Cyprus Relations Expert – Assoc. Prof. Dr. C. Uğur Özgöker, Diplomats Association EU Consultant – Musa Karademir, Memduh Erdal, on behalf of GAU and Chairman of Board of Trustees, CEO and Vice Chancellor – Assist. Prof. Dr. Asım Vehbi, Rector – Prof. Dr. Yıldırım Öner and Vice-Rectors – Prof. Dr. Sadık Ülker and Prof. Dr. Olgun Çiçek participated during the visit.


Included during the talks were ; investments which can be done in economical and commercial and partnership issues, as well as the recognition of TRNC Universities at international level, students and academicians exchange programs, the EU’s perception of the TRNC Universities, and the relations of the EU with the TRNC.

Meinel, “The EU Commission should be ashamed of its attitude towards the TRNC”

Gunther Meinel, Chairman of the Diplomats Association introduced the committee accompanying him and indicated that the universities have a big contribution to the peace process and this current process can be solved by co-operation with the Universities. Meinel indicated to be ashamed and sad due to the EU Commission’s attitude towards the TRNC, and mentioned that the EU itself should be ashamed also since it divided Cyprus into North and South and took the one side as a member whereas not the other side. Also Meinel indicated that they have the awareness of many preventions and efforts for preventions such as not taking TRNC Universities into the international ERASMUS Program and aims for putting it aside from the Bologna Process.

Vehbi, “GAU is co-operating with more than 150 world-wide universities”

GAÜ CEO and Vice Chancellor – Assist. Prof. Dr. Asım Vehbi, has said that GAU – the first university in TRNC, is incorporating academicians and students from 85 different GAU CEO and Vice-Chancellor of Board of Administrators Assist. Prof Dr. Asım Vehbicountries as it is reaching its 30th Academic Year, by giving information about GAU to the Board. Vehbi indicated 90% of departments are English and there is a common use of the second language. He said that there is a great interest in German, French and Chinese as well as stressing that some departments have a medium of language such as Turkish and Chinese. Vehbi mentioned that 70% of the students are from Turkey, 20% of students are from 85 different countries and 10% of the students are from the TRNC; and they are sharing curriculum and exchanging students and academicians through co-operation with 150 universities around the world.

Vehbi, “GAU offers students Education Opportunity around 3 continents”

Also stressing on having three campuses around 3 continents, Vehbi mentioned that they are England, USA, Singapore aGAU logo smlnd Istanbul Campus of which service building is ready and students can have an overseas study program on these campuses. There are more than 110 academic programs within GAU and in a very short time they will be commencing student admissions for the faculty of Medicine. Vehbi stressed that the GAU Faculty of Medicine has co-operation with Florence Nightingale Hospitals which are famous around Europe – and Istanbul Bilim University.

Vehbi, “There is a serious violation of human rights towards the TRNC”

Vehbi underlined the violation of human rights towards Turkish Cypriots and the TRNC implemented by the EU and UN and said that it is important to stop these human rights violations and the EU and UN should turn these primitive embargoes applied to TRNC people against the ones who do not want agreement.

Vehbi thanked the Committee for the visit.

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