December 10, 2022

TRNC Taxation Department

Public Satisfaction Survey

By Margaret Sheard

I have noticed over the years of living in North Cyprus that, although yavaş yavaş (slowly slowly), there has been a lot of improvement in some of the various Government Departments.

Some years ago when the Taxation Department was situated in a small building off the main road near Bariş Park with a later extension in shop premises across the road, I dreaded the thought of having to renew road vehicle tax etc. it was a nightmare with a great number of people crowded into small spaces awaiting their turn and outside no adjacent parking facilities.

Then we had progress with a brand new buildingMoney nearer to Girne with a huge car park (although this should have been double in size as it is always full!!). However, the process of renewing car tax, paying taxes and other related matters, is now so easy and most of the staff are very pleasant and helpful.

I have a tax bill to pay which I deal with on a quarterly basis and I usually aim for a very nice lady in this particular section. When I went to the Tax Office a few days ago she wasn’t to be seen but as I waited to be served she came back from lunch and as she passed me she smiled and took my form from me and promptly dealt with it.

There have been times when I have had to queue at the Pay Desk for quite a while but to be fair if you go along at lunchtime you must expect there to be fewer staff as they need to take a lunch break as well.

We noticed some forms on the counter for a Public Satisfaction Survey which are in English and thought it a good idea to make these available for the public to complete. The form can be accessed by clicking here and we would ask the public to take a few minutes to print it off and complete it and email it to the address shown or take it to the Tax Office. Time has been taken to conduct a survey to improve the service so we should take time to assist with our comments.

North Cyprus is definitely moving forward in some areas and as expatriates we should accept that changes are being made for the benefit of all in the community so we should also help them to help us.

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  1. Thank you so much for this info. I have emailed Carol with a query for myself and would not have had the contact (who seems great) without your post.

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