December 10, 2022

By Can Gazi…..

This week on my Can Gazi Facebook page and that of Bayrak International Radio, I pasted the following comment:

It has been a tough week to get through as so many lives have been affected by the Traffic Monster!

What we can we do? Driving test too easy? Poor road conditions? Careless and dangerous driving? Authorities not doing enough? All of the above and more?

 If you have any comments or constructive criticisms to make then please write them here and I’ll read them out on my Take 5 radio show on Bayrak InteDanger Man Drivingrnational tomorrow, 24th of January, between 2 and 4pm.

 I may even take your valued suggestions and pass them on to the people in power.

Enough is enough, we must do something before more lives are tragically lost on the roads of the TRNC.

Having thought about this issue again, I am delighted to have the opportunity of posting this message as this article and I welcome your thoughts and comments as it is so important to get as many people as possible talking and doing something about the dangers we all face every day here in North Cyprus.

I look forward to hearing from you and if you want to email me, please do so on



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