December 8, 2022

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR)

Events, Trips and Tour Plan 2014

By Ralph Kratzer

The Committee of the TFR has planned the following events for the year 2014:

Bowlingfrom January, monthly recurring

  • Bowling “Cup of the Nations”, King´s Pin Leisure Centre Girne, organizer: Brad
  • 1st anniversary special bowling tournament in March 2014


A little orchid coming upMarch

  • Wild orchids walk, with lunch, approach by private cars, organizers: Willy and Birgitta


  • Flat green bowling (similar to boccia) in Lapta, approach with private cars, organizers: Brad, Michael, Sandy


More guests at Uwe Vandieken's garden party


  • Easter picnic at a nice place still to be found, the Committee is open to suggestions by the members, approach with private cars, organizers: Heinz, Horst, Monika


  • Visit to the newly built water reservoir / water pipeline in Gecitköy, approach with private cars, organizers: Horst and Terry

Museum Güzelyurt


  • Archaeological Museum Güzelyurt, including lunch and for the Ladies a visit to a well-known boutique in town, bus trip, organizers: Heinz and Willy

Mavi KöskJune

  • Visit to the famous “Mavi Kösk” (Blue House), lunch at the Maronite village, approach with private cars, organizer: Helen


  • Trip to Akincilar, the “Hidden Village” near Ercan airport, bus trip, organizer: Ralph

watch a video clip about a former trip to Akincilar by clicking the following link:


Flagge TürkeiAugust

  • Commemoration Day at Erenköy (memorial of the wartimes in Cyprus in the 1960´s), bus trip, organizer: Willy



  • Boat trip along the North Cyprus coast, starting from Girne harbour, organizer: Margaretha


  • Picnic in the mountains at Kozan (near Karsiyaka), approach with private cars, organizers: Horst and Hans-Peter



  • Travel to Turkey (Izmir, Ephesus, Gallipoli, Troy), 5 to 6 days, flight and bus, organizer: Willy



  • Annual General Meeting 2014

Coffee ÖzerlatOctober

  • Visit to Özerlat Coffee producers, Lefkosa, including lunch, bus trip, organizers: Horst and Liz


Note: This is the general planning of our events 2014. It is subject to change!

Details of every single event will be provided in plenty of time.

Most of the events have to be limited by the number of participants. All trips by bus and plane necessarily need an early deadline for registration and the payment of a deposit which will also be communicated at the appropriate time.

To learn more about “The Foreign Residents in the TRNC” – click here!

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