October 4, 2023

Individuals have right to enter

beaches for free 

BeachFour Turkish Cypriots, Özgü Özyiğit, Hasan Özyiğit, Barış Mamalı and Çağan Özatay won the lawsuit in North Cyprus they brought against ‘Escape Beach’ and ‘Kervansaray Public Beach.’ The plaintiffs will be able to enter these beaches free of charge.

According to the news report in Gazete360.com, in the trial that has been ongoing for the last one year, the court ruled that the plaintiffs may enter ‘Escape Beach Club’ and ‘Kervansaray’ free of charge unless they use any of the services provided by the defendants. “The court rules and orders that the defendant is not to ask the plaintiffs for a fee,” the court said.

The lawsuits the plaintiffs brought against the ‘Denizkızı’ and ‘Cratos’ beaches are still on-going.

Source: lemonCY.eu

4 thoughts on “Individuals have right to enter Beaches for free in North Cyprus

  1. The court case was a foregone conclusion because the Constitution of TRNC clearly states that all beaches are free for everyone. In fact the court ordered for costs as well against the defendants. The next intended step is to sue them for fees they collected unlawfully. They did save some tickets for this purpose, so that will be an open and shut case too.

    In Famagusta where I live all beaches are free otherwise I would be the first person to sue them.

  2. That’s good news, last year we went to Diana beach just for a quick swim and the attendant was adamant that we paid. We refused and then drove on to Alagadi II

  3. Just hope they do not all end up like Aligadi after a weekend what a mess, rubbish, food, dirty nappies, who do they expect to pay for keeping the beaches clean? I am happy to pay towards having clean and safe beaches, even holidaying in other countries e.g. Italy we had to pay.

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