December 8, 2022

Television News from BRT

with Group M3B

By Can Gazi

Hello readers and it’s a big welcome to you to 2014 from BRT2 TV Live and we look forward to you joining us for many enjoyable shows this year featuring some very fascinating people.L to R Osman (Mervic Dan) , Sadik (Illclass Omale) and K'Leb Anyhedeih with Can Gazi

For the first Cup Of Conversation of 2014 I have a music group called M3B joining me in the studio with their manager K’leb Swagz Anyhedeih. These Nigerian students are currently studying in North Cyprus and are producing their own music.

During the interview we get the chance to watch a couple of video clips of M3B performing at various festivals across the island.

Catch the interview this Saturday, the 4th of January, at 5pm on BRT2 TV. The repeat will be at 2.30pm on Tuesday the 7th of January. Happy New Year!

Happy viewing and do have a great weekend

To go direct to BRT 2 TV to watch these shows by live streaming on your PC at Cyprus local time click here and if you want to learn more of Bayrak Radio and Television  click here

For Radio lovers :

Do tune into Bayrak International Live where you can join me on a number of great radio shows that bring you great music and thoughts and comments of the day,

We are transmitting these shows on 6.150 MH/z. Short-wave, 87.8 and 105 FM Stereo. You can also tune in to live streaming of these shows on your PC by clicking here.  These great shows full of entertainment, are as follows :

Northern Exposure: A tourism show that gives information about the history, geography and culture of North Cyprus. Mainly features local events that are of interest to the public.

Take 5: A request show dedicated to playing all types of music; requests mainly taken from Facebook.

The Breakfast Show: A weekend morning show with interesting world news, Facebook quotes and an affirmation slot read by a regular listener, Alice Smith.

Monday :          1700 to 19.00    Northern Exposure with Fatoş Baykal and Can Gazi

Tuesday :         1700 to 19.00    Northern Exposure with Fatoş Baykal and Can Gazi

Wednesday :    1700 to 19.00    Northern Exposure with Fatoş Baykal and Can Gazi

Thursday :        1700 to 19.00    Northern Exposure with Fatoş Baykal and Can Gazi

Friday :            14.00 to 16.00   Take 5 with Can Gazi

Friday :            1700 to 19.00    Northern Exposure with Fatoş Baykal and Can Gazi

Saturday :         07.00 to 10.00  The Breakfast Show with Can Gazi

Sunday :           07.00 to 10.00  The Breakfast Show with Can Gazi

Do join us and have a great week with the

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