December 6, 2022

TRNC News Today 27th

December 2013


TRNC President, Dr. Derviş Eroğlu expressed that the process for restarting the Cyprus negotiations is obstructed now because of the uncompromising attitude of the Greek Cypriot side. Eroğlu said “The UN is cognizant of the uncompromising attitude of the Greek Cypriot side and we understand that the UN looks for alternatives for changing the uncompromising attitude of the Greek Cypriot side”. Stating that they have been working on the joint statement since September, Eroğlu pointed out that the Dervis Eroglu (2)Turkish Cypriot side is the side which works in conformity with the UN on the joint statement from the beginning and it accepted the document brought by the UN with few changes, however the Greek Cypriot side has refused the document.

Eroğlu added that the Greek Cypriot side puts up a wall in front of all steps to be taken by preventing the preparation of the joint statement. He said “As we make proposals, the Greek Cypriot side cause a stalemate. In order to avoid this situation, the Greek Cypriot side announced a deadlock. By announcing this, they try to deviate in other ways.

Eroğlu stated that the Greek Cypriot side is pleased with the continuation of the existing status quo, to be the sole recognized state in Cyprus and to be a full member of the EU, and they do not want to share the power and wealth they have with the Turkish Cypriot side. Eroğlu said “We always stated and continue to state in every platform that we want a fruitful process, but it is not possible to say a clear word related with the restarting of the negotiations.

We, as the Turkish Cypriot side, are ready for an agreement; however the Greek Cypriot side is not. This being the case, the suffering of the Turkish Cypriots does not accord with the contemporary world, United Nations and European Union.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office





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