December 5, 2022

“Unhealthy Turkish” Halal Chickens

perfectly edible

Halal ChickensThe uproar created in certain media in South Cyprus concerning chicken that were assumed by the Greek Cypriot National Guard to be unfit for consumption  was not due to them being infected and imported from Turkey, as was originally reported, but due to issues with their weight as well as irregularities in the slaughterhouse seal, according to Minister of Defence Fotis Fotiou.

An unnamed source has told Cyprus Mail that the chickens were in fact perfectly fit for consumption and that the only thing that seemed wrong was the fact that the box was marked with a star and crescent symbol similar to that of the Turkish flag.

Initially the media in South Cyprus reported that these had been imported from Turkey – however as it later came out, the chickens, which were imported from the Netherlands, were “halal” meat, i.e. slaughtered in a way compatible with Islamic law. This could also potentially account for the crescent and star, which is also a Muslim symbol. In fact the Ministry later confirmed that the chickens had been inspected and found edible, but that subsequent checks revealed that the chickens’ weight was not up to specifications.


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