December 9, 2022

Card Games Must End

‘The Greek Cypriots are continuing to play games’. These words belong to President Derviş Eroğlu who evaluated the latest proposal put forward by the Greek Cypriots in response to the proposal put forward by the Turkish Cypriot side. The President said that while the Turkish Cypriot side is waiting for a response from the Greek Cypriot side to the proposals it put forward, the Greek Cypriot side has chosen instead to put forward a new proposal and is therefore playing card games.

Stressing that the Cyprus negotiations process must begin straight away and that the chapters that will be discussed are Dervis Eroglu - Picture by BRTalready clear President Derviş Eroğlu said the time had come for the Greek Cypriot side to give up playing games.

‘I hope that the UN will not yield to these games. At a time when the negotiations should have begun where they were left, the Greek Cypriot side put forward the game of the joint statement and the Australian Diplomat Alexander Downer accepted this. Since that day papers have been going back and forth’ said Eroğlu.

Explaining that the latest proposal given by the Turkish Cypriot side was one that needed to be accepted or rejected by the Greek Cypriot side the President said that instead of giving a clear answer the Greek Cypriots have chosen to continue with the card game. ‘I believe at this point the UN Secretary General will put forward his views’ said the President and added that the Turkish Cypriot side’s expectations from now on is for an end to be given to the card game and a return to be made to the Cyprus negotiation table.

Underlining the fact that a new joint partnership state will emerge from the talks the President said ‘this fact must be accepted by the Greek Cypriot side’.

Source: Bayrak Radio and Television – To read more news click here

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