August 15, 2022

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR)

The “Glögg” Event of last Year was topped!

By Ralph Kratzer

Approximately 50 members of the TFR met last Friday at the Capitano Restaurant in Alsancak in anticipation of the announced “Glögg” mulled wine.Glögg

Horst Gutowski, the Treasurer of the Association, tirelessly prepared pot by pot of the warming beverage, which sold like hotcakes among the numerous guests and found unanimous approval.

One of the members, Jacqueline, dressed as Santa Claus, had brought home-baked apple pie and other delicious pastries and distributed them around.

From mug to mug the already good mood became more hilarious, the very cold temperatures and stormy conditions of the last few days in Cyprus were soon forgotten.

About the preparation of this originally Scandinavian beverage I already reported last year but as a reminder – click here.

There are different varieties of the preparation, one of which I found in YouTube.

View nice pictures of the event and the video by clicking here!

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