December 3, 2022

The church that came back to life 57 years later

 Nestorian ChurchThe Sunday service was held for the first time in 57 years at the church of Saint George the Exorinos in Famagusta’s old city. Present at the ceremony, which was made possible largely through the help and intercession of the Bicommunal Famagusta Initiative, were the city’s mayors from both sides, Alexis Galanos and Oktay Kayalp.

According to CAN hundreds of people from both communities took part in the historic service, which was led by bishop of Constantia, Vasileios. Speaking after the service, Mr. Galanos said that this was an important day, adding that it could be the starting point for the communities to come closer in Famagusta. Mr. Kayalp said that he believes that this kind of activity is what can help us reach a solution to the Cyprus Problem.

Bishop Vasileios inter alia pointed out in his statements that the church hasn’t had icons inside it since being abandoned during intercommunal clashes and stressed that if the faithful could now use the church and if there will be adequate security, then he would like to bring icons once again into the temple.


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