December 2, 2022

OUR PLACE a poem by Yusuf Salih

By Chris Elliott

From time to time we are asked to publish items submitted by our readers and followers and we have received another poem from Yusuf Salih, a Turkish Cypriot who lives in the Iskele area of Northern Cyprus.

Our Place

Why we hid
Why do we plead.
To live and to dreamYusuf Salih
When evil did scream.

Mother, Father took their leave
And the earth did grieve.
Sons and Daughters stand your ground
For reason was not around.

Away washes the scum
And your day will come.
On that we have sown
You will call home..

Please also read a further poem “Lost” by Yusuf by clicking here.

To learn more of Yusuf Salih and his thoughts and those of others, please visit the open group, Free Thinkers in Cyprus on Facebook.

3 thoughts on ““Our Place” by Yusuf Salih – a poem by a Turkish Cypriot

  1. Paul F Lenzi. You may have gathered that it’s about Cyprus. The impulse to write this came after a very disagreeable argument with a racist and ignorant GC.

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