December 5, 2022

Cyprus – Is there enough unity to push

for a peaceful settlement?

John Aziz Kent’s comments

By John Aziz Kent

I was reading an article in the Cyprus Mail recently about the new DIKO party leader, Mr Nicolas Papadopoullos pledging support of his party to President Nicos Anastasiades for his handling of the Cyprus problem to date. This article raised a number of points including the following and I recorded my comment as shown.

 “Cyprus Mail

The question on many lips was would Papadopoulos remove his party from the government? Or if he stays, would he fight John Aziz Kent smlthe government on its Cyprus problem policy, given his highly critical stance so far on the national issue.

The answer, at least for now as the peace talks continue to stall and stutter, is no.”

“My Comment

Mr N Papadopoullos can support the President for a solution as much as he can regarding the ongoing 60 years Cyprus political problem but the party leaders must explain the Truth of the past 60 years so that all Cypriots, Greeks and Turkish, young and old people must know the honest truth.

They can never bring themselves to agree on any solution and of course any agreement, forced by the big powers, will never satisfy the brain- washed Cypriots of both sides, therefore the people must know the Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. 

With my best wishes

John Aziz Kent”

We continue to see claims and counter-claims of who is trying hard to bring about a satisfactory conclusion to the tragic separation of the Cypriot peoples but is there the will to do what needs to be done to achieve this. Please follow this link to learn more of this latest situation.

1 thought on “Cyprus – Is there enough unity to push for a peaceful settlement? – John Aziz Kent’s comments

  1. I have hope for one last push for finding a solution… but it definitely doesn’t include Papadopoulos. In the same way of his late father, NP also stands to lose big time from a solution. Get ready to watch some spectacular theatrics and maneuvers from his party, just like 10 years ago. The truth is there… but people like him and his father… know how to hide it.

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