Turkey – North Cyprus – Erdoğan supports Football Agreement

Erdoğan supports Football Agreement

by tfrnorthcyprus

Football CyprusTurkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated that he is in support of the agreement signed between the Turkish Cypriot Football Federation and the Cyprus Football Federation in Zurich earlier this month.

According to the Yenidüzen newspaper, Erdoğan expressed support for the football agreement during an interview with the Russian Rossiyskaya newspaper. Erdoğan defined the agreement, which would enable Turkish Cypriot teams to participate in international games under the umbrella of the Cyprus Football Federation, as a ‘positive step’ and added that he would like to see the impact of this step in the political process.

Erdoğan also talked about the Cyprus problem during the interview. He is quoted as saying:

“South Cyprus knows what North Cyprus is going to say. Likewise, North Cyprus knows what South Cyprus is going to say. So let’s all sit at the negotiations table and put an end to this issue. Maybe finally we will achieve a united island.”

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