January 29, 2023

American College said NO to Bullying

The Future American College and the American College have stood up against bullying.

All of the students who stood against bullying in the event week for anti-bullying relea1.sed blue balloons into the sky. Bullying and intimidating language in our lives were discussed at events held during the week of bullying. Students were informed about children’s rights and school captains accompanied teachers and students to visit neighbouring schools.

The students who have achieved success during the event week were presented with gifts during the award ceremony held in GAU Spectrum Congress Hall.

The American College principal – Aysu Balkanlar, reported following the school band performance that “We are now holding an anti- bullying week which initially commenced in Girne American College and now is practiced by other schools. We claim that if we teach children to acknowledge and say NO to bullying at school, the bullying will also be avoided at home.”

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