December 3, 2022



President Derviş Eroğlu received a delegation from the Association of Businessmen and touched upon his meeting with Greek Cypriot nicos-anastasiades1leader Nicos Anastasiades which was held at the buffer zone and said ‘ I cannot say that we have reached the desired point but it was a fruitful meeting to understand the position of each other’.

In his speech, referring to the meeting of 30th. May, the President said that according to this, they would resume the negotiations in the first half of October that was agreed at the table with the UN delegation.

Refering to the process of the last two and half month, the President said ‘First, the Greek Cypriot side put forth the issue of a joint statement. The Turkish Cypriot side accepted the first joint statement prepared by the UN delegation but it is the Greek Cypriot side which refuses the joint statement for 2 and half mDervis Eroglu 7onths.

Referring also to the last stage reached of the Cyprus problem, President Eroglu said ‘I proposed to Mr. Anastasiades to skip the joint declaration and start negotiations immediately. However, all of the Greek Cypriot side’s demands exist in ‘Governance and Power Sharing’ Chapter. We can discuss this issue at the table’.

Moreover, President Eroglu said ‘We, as the Turkish Cypriot side, continue to show good will and have the view that we can reach a good stage with mutual give and take but unfortunately, Mr. Anastasiades does not want to come to the negotiation table’.


It was stated that within the framework of their contacts in Ankara, a delegation from Parliament, under the presidency of the Speaker of the Parliament – Sibel Siber, met with the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister – Beşir Atalay yesterday.

In his speech made during the meeting, Mr. Atalay said ‘ We as Turkey always support our Turkish Cypriot brothers. We are aware of our responsibilities towards protecting our Turkish Cypriot brothers’ rights and laws, and we will always spend effort to fulfill our responsibSibel Siber 3ilities. We will always continue to support the TRNC’.

Moreover, Siber stated that they have been making big efforts in order to increase the life quality of the country and they have been executing studies regarding the issue in the Parliament.

Adding that thr Cyprus problem has become a chronic problem, Siber said that it was aimed to start the full-fledged negotiations in Cyprus. Turkey gives big support for peace and a solution in Cyprus and this is also expressed by international observers.


The TRNC Foreign Minister – Ozdil Nami, has said that he was pleased to participate in the 21st Economic Co-operation Organization’s (ECO) Council of Ministers meeting held in Tehran, the capital of Iran, with an observer status.

Recording that the TRNC has been imposed isolations which she did not deserve and making contacts with the world is extremely difficult, Nami used the expression: “This status at the ECO is a great opportunity for us. We are determined to use this opportunity more Ozdil Nami 4effectively in the future.”

Foreign Minister Nami continued: “We have taken steps forward at the Organization of Islamic Co-operation in Iran under the name of the Turkish Cypriot State. Obtaining an observer status at the ECO is also an important step taken in this respect. Of course we really care about the economic dimension of the issue. When you take the issue into consideration politically, we are face to face with the Cyprus issue which started in March, 1964 and will complete its 50th year in March; 2014. There is a negotiation process continuing in Cyprus under the auspices of the United Nations. We say to all brother countries that it is not meaningful to keep the Turkish Cypriot people under the isolations during the negotiation process’.

Pointing out that the EU membership of the Greek Cypriot side has been accepted while the Cyprus issue continues, Nami continued: “Why the brother countries do not include us as a member of their institutionsEmbargoed 2? We need to develop our economic, social and cultural relations. Our hope is to reach a federal solution on the island and to put an end to the 50 year old issue’.

Pointing out that their next target is to gain full membership to ECO, Nami made an evaluation as: “I hope we will be given the right of full membership in the following meetings.”

Foreign Minister Nami had meetings with some government authorities in Tehran before the meeting. Ozdil Nami also spoke with the Advisor of Pakistan Prime Minister – Sertac Aziz, Iran Foreign Minister – Muhammed Cevad Zarif and TR Foreign Minister – Ahmet Davutoğlu.

Moreover Nami met with the Secretary General of Economic Co-operation Organization – Samil Aleskerov and then came together with Political Advisor of Pakistan Prime Minister – Sertac Aziz at a private dinner the previous night.

Having a press meeting at the Tehran Embassy of the Turkish Republic, Nami also met with Iran Deputy Prime Minister – Ibrahim Rahim within the framework of his contacts. It was recorded that ideas were exchanged during the meeting.

Foreign Minister Ozdil Nami delivered a speech yesterday at the 21st Economic Co-operation Organization’s Council of Ministers meeting which has been continuing in Tehran, the capital of Iran.


It has been stated that the final declaration of the ‘III. World Turkish Cypriots Congress” which was organized by theTurkish Cypriots Worldwide World Turkish Cypriots Foundation during November 21st to 23rd at Girne Acapulco Hotel has been published.

It was expressed in the final declaration of ‘III. World Turkish Cypriots Congress’ that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus owns the criterias of a legal state according to the International Law criterias.

It was also mentioned in the declaration that if the negotiations fail again, it should be inevitable to start studies towards reaching a mutual agreement which will be accepted by the two sides to form two independent states and the recognition of the TRNC.


US Ambassador to South Cyprus – John Koenig has said: “It was time to take brave step for a settlement. Only political leadership has the power to make Cyprus a united and prosperous country.”

Speaking at the Economist Meeting, held in South Nicosia, Cyprus, the previous day Koenig said that there was an opportunity not to be wasted for the Cyprus issue and added: “It is time to take a brave step forward and find a solution for the Cyprus issue.”

Pointing out that TROIKA’s second evaluation in the South showed that Greek Cypriots were not powerless and had the ability to make a decision, Koenig stated that TROIKA wrote in the evaluation: “Cypriots are realistic and willing to make the necessary works to recover their economy. They must also be realistic and willing to do the necessary work to unite their island.”

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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