August 9, 2022

CESV – Christmas comes early

By Margaret Sheard

Sometimes people say they can’t wait for Christmas to come and it seems that some of the members of CESV decided they couldn’t wait either, so they got together and had an early Christmas in November. Seems like a good idea to me!

This is what we have been told:

Seventeen members of the CESV gathered together on Sunday 24th 4.November at Cafe George, Girne for their Christmas knees up! Due to various commitments it was decided to have the meal in November bringing an early festive feel to Girne with candles, decorations, party blowers and even presents.

Thank you to Ali and Ozlem who did us all proud with a feast fit for a king which was great value for money.

After all the hard work done by the CESV in the past few months it was a chance to let our hair down and have some fun. Thank you to Steve Collard and Nigel Reeves who did a great job in co-ordinating numbers and menus and to Sue Kirby and Patti Foch Gatrell, who were definitely the Hostesses with the Mostesses, providing all the table decorations and indulging in a gift wrap 5.fest to ensure there was a gift for all CESV members present and the staff at Cafe George. 

The sun shone down on us, the time flew by and much laughter filled the air providing an afternoon to remember. And for those members who missed out on the event? How about a Christmas in January meal?

So maybe another chance for a “knees-up” and this time a belated Christmas. It seems that there are some British expatriates who can celebrate Christmas and other special occasions at any time of the year and really enjoy themselves whatever the date. Congratulations CESV, you certainly deserve to be able to let your hair down and have some social leisure time together now and again.

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