August 9, 2022

VOX POP tête-à-tête – 20th November 2013

Andrew Sings….. at the Almond Lounge

 By Engin Dervişağa

This week I had the pleasure of visiting the Almond Lounge in Alsancak and met up with Andrew Tait and Glen King who have recently moved to North Cyprus and are already making a name for themselves as entertainers.

In between the interview I was treated to some of the songs in Andrew and Glen’s repertoire, some from Andrew and some from Glen and also singing together.

Firstly, I spoke to Andrew who told me that he was born in Scotland  and for around 15 years he worked in the manufacturing industry in production management and following Glen and Andrew talk to Enginthis the next 20 years were in the banking industry where he worked in various parts of the country and finally in the City of London.

After some more music, I spoke to Glen who said he had many different jobs mainly in retail sales but later he moved to the medical field where he became a Nurse.

I asked Andrew what the future held for them perhaps over the next 20 years and Andrew said providing things worked out for them in North Cyprus and people wanted them to continue with their entertainment, they would probably stay here for the next 5 or maybe 10 years.  They try to give variety and different songs as it is important to be fresh, people don’t want to hear the same songs over and over again.   As for the future, Andrew said that a lot depends on health or maybe the need to go back to the UK but neither of them have any big commitments in the UK, Andrew said he has a son and a daughter but they are adults now.  They both said they would be happy to continue as long as people wanted them to.

Glen told me he mainly likes to work behind the scenes on the music side.  He said it would be nice to have a video of them working at The Almond Lounge, and friends who have visited from Turkey have said what a brilliant venue it is.

Andrew and Glen have produced a CD which was recorded when they were in Turkey and they told me it is called Inspirations – Love, Joy & Pain and contains songs which mean something special to them.  Andrew said most people Andrew Sings.....can associate songs to different types of events in their lives and this is what they did with their first CD.    They are now hoping to produce a second CD and Glen said hopefully people will buy the CD’s and enjoy their music.

I was interested to learn where people can find the duo and was told they have been very lucky and have regular gigs already such as The Almond Lounge where they perform 3 Fridays in each month, with Barry Snakes doing the fourth Friday,  Saturday nights they are booked at Big Al’s in Iskele which is a fabulous venue both for the winter and summer, they have a lot of bookings to the end of the year including the festive season and will be at Rafters Restaurant in Ozanköy on New Year’s Eve.   They have 96 bookings for next year already and Andrew said this would have been unheard of in Turkey.   Some of their regular gigs will be at Rafters, Cousins, Nosheen as well as the Almond Lounge and Big Al’s.

My first very short interview with Andrew and Glen was at a Garden Party at Tolga’s Restaurant in Karşiyaka where Andrew Sings….. entertained for the charity KAV.  Andrew said Glen joins Andrew on stagethat where possible they will be pleased to fit in charity work as it is an important part of settling into the community.  They try to perhaps use a theme such as Hollywood, James Bond etc. and this gives Andrew the chance to learn even more new songs.

I asked Glen about his choice of music and he said he was a fan of Wham and Duran Duran when he was younger and even styled himself on George Michael right down to the hair-do, he said he finds it quite funny when he looks at old photographs now.

On a final note I asked Andrew and Glen to say a few words for the viewers.  Glen said it had been a pleasure meeting the people of North Cyprus and he hopes they will meet many more.  Andrew said it was lovely to be in North Cyprus, the people they had met so far had been great and he hoped they would continue to give their support, he also said he would like to thank the many friends in Turkey for their support during the 5 years they were there and especially Ted and Pat in Didim who were the ones who started them off on their now successful career.

I would like to wish Andrew and Glen all the best for their future in North Cyprus, I enjoyed talking to them and I also enjoyed listening to their music.

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