January 30, 2023

GAUSEM provides Institutional

Level Education Programs

Girne American University Continuing Education Centre (GAUSEM) is shaping your future through various personal development, hobbies and ability courses and also individual and institutional based certificated education programs on statistics at national and international level.

It has been highlighted by GAUSEM that the education programs are “public orientated” which supports academic knowledge and practical GAUSEM logobalance in accordance with the requirements and demands of the public and private sector establishments. It has also been mentioned that new education programs can be commenced in line with the institutional demands and that the new education programs can be presented through seminars on request. It was underlined that the purpose of the programs is to safeguard individuals from the stress of modern day life and it was remarked in this statement that the programs which are continuing with the “adopt a hobby and leave out the stress” slogan, had been acquired by the GAU Cyprus-Karmi Campus of Girne City Life.

GAUSEM provides certified institutional courses such as; Efficient communication, Institutional communication, Personnel Performance Assessment and Measurement, Health in Business, Security Risk Management, Quality Management Systems, Dictation and Efficient Speaking, Vocational English, Leadership and Management, Carrier Development, Project Management, Human Resources Management, Motivation, Problem solving and Decision Making, Public Relations, Selling-Marketing Techniques, Stress Management, Time Management, Risk Management for Banks, Meeting Management, Strategic Management, Crisis Management, Cumulative Quality Management, Management Skills.


It was also stated that as well as the language courses, sport courses, life courses, education in communications, computer courses, computer program education, prepare for exams, business and management, dance, music, painting and marine courses are also taking place. Detailed information about the GAUSEM courses can be obtained via http://www.gau.edu.tr web address or also by calling 0392 650 20 00 Ext. 1144. It was emphasized that people who want to join the programs can apply to gausem@gau.edu.tr to obtain any required information.

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