August 9, 2022

Cyprus – We insist on the

Famagusta proposal

By Chris Elliott

It would seem the game of musical chairs is being played again and again in connection with the proposed UN sponsored peace talks to settle the Cyprus problem.

Despite North Cyprus and Turkey encouraging Cyprus to agree a date for thisThe Negotiations Cannot Resume image meeting and have far-ranging discussion to reach an agreement, we hear yet again that Cyprus wants preconditions regarding the hand over of Famagusta (Varosha) agreed before they will make a commitment.

Would the Republic of Cyprus be willing to reciprocate and agree to the lifting of embargoes on TRNC and the opening of Ercan Airport to International traffic as a precondition before they commit to a meeting date?

Reading the following article in Famagusta Gazette it would seem the Cyprus Administration are very unhappy that the UN and EU it seems, are not willing to back their demand. At long last, and is this really a great surprise?

Clearly as the music plays the chairs are slowly being taken away and unless good sense is displayed soon, there will be no more chairs for Cyprus to sit on.

To read Famagusta Gazette click here: Cyprus negotiator: We insist on the Famagusta proposal.

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