September 22, 2023

Will water make friends?

By Chris Elliott

Here in Cyprus we have a water problem with increasing usage that is not matched by a replenishment supply, or is it?

Following on from the very severe drought of 2008 in Cyprus, work is forging ahead with a pipeline being built from the Dragon River in Turkey which will bring water in abundance to Gecitköy reservoir in North Cyprus and this will become available in early 2014.

The Republic of Cyprus during the same period began to ship in water from Greece and it was reported at the time that they dismissed the proposed Turkish to North Cyprus water Waterlink as a pipe dream. Since then in Cyprus the authorities have been hard at work trying to increase their water stocks through the building of desalination plants which are expensive and can be environmentally destructive.

With the concept of the water pipeline being announced, North Cyprus stated they would be willing to share supplies with the Republic of Cyprus but the offer was rejected as a non starter. Now we learn that proposals are being made for the building of a water pipeline or shipping it into South Cyprus from Lebanon .

Having already rejected the hand of peace offering to share water, the Republic of Cyprus shows no sign of wanting to change its mind and continues at whatever the cost to preserve the dreams of the past and try and take them into the future.

To learn more, please follow the links below to read other articles on the issue and also watch the Aljazeera video.

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4 thoughts on “Cyprus – Will a water pipeline make friends?

      1. Reconciliation does not mean jumping in the same bed as before, but I believe, a less antagonistic approach from the Turkish Cypriots is more likely to produce results in their interest rather than be constantly critical. Reciprocating GC attitudes will not illicit agreement. Logical counter argument is the basis of any successful negotiation.

  1. Hi there ,its plain and self evident that any evolvment or any positive achievments by the Turkish Cypriots is downplayed ,ignored or vehemently rejected by the Greeks. As one can see.

    Plainly put the hard line Greeks don’t want Turks to evolve or become to comfortable nor establish anything permanent that is Turkish as anything Turkish isn’t fully excepted by Greeks.

    They are uncomfortable at the thought that they have to share the land.


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