December 10, 2022

Cod knows if it’s Genuine

At Salty’s Karakum, it is!


We have received a great review on the subject of the delicacy of Fish and Chips which we would like to share with our local readers. Do call by and sample the mouth watering delights from Salty’s.

Vivenda checks out the Fish Fayre at Salty’s


Visiting Fish ‘n Chip or Seafood Restaurants in North Cyprus can be a bit  of a hit & miss affair.  Often something other than Cod or Haddock are served up when these British favourites have been ordered.  Saithe, Hake (Megit) or even Pangasius are used by unscrupulous fish fryers to dupe unsuspecting diners.

Using Pangasius masquerading as Cod or Haddock is a particularly stupid act! This is a Vietnamese river fish, from the Mekong area.  It’s related to the shark / catfish genus and dwells on the river bottom, hence it tastes of MUD! 

Pangasius has white flesh, but the texture bears no relation to Briton’s northern waters favourites.  Why would Fish Restaurants assume that experienced Fish ‘n Chip noshers will be so conned with such a different species of fish?

Well, it’s cheap!  Check out the difference in prices in your local market’s freezer cabinet; you will find that Pangasius is often half the price of cod, or when on ’Special Offer’, even less.  The same can apply to Megit and Saithe. So, it seems that pure greed is the motivation for coating cheap fish with tasty batter and passing it off as something else.  They wouldn’t do it in the UK (Trade Descriptions Act 1976 and Food Standards Agency), so why do they do it here in the TRNC?  Answer:  Because they can!

So where to go for genuine cod or haddock?  Try Salty’s, located very close to the New Harbour Roundabout at Karakum.  At TL22, the portions are large, the batter really crunchy, the fish is moist yet well cooked, tasty and it’s GENUINE cod, or haddock; breaded rather than battered options are available. Chips and mushy peas are also excellent at Salty’s. You can dine in, or take-away. Like all good chippys, Salty’s offer a range of pies and sausages.

Salty’s offer a limited range of drinks at affordable prices e.g. a bottle of Efes Light is TL5, as is a good glass of the House Dry White Wine.

Salty’s was very busy and a bit noisy last evening; a leaving party for a couple returning to the UK was taking place.  When they return home, wherever their domicile, they will do very well to find better battered cod than that available at Salty’s at Karakum.

There is usually no need to book a table, but sometimes there may be a small delay for your tasty and genuine meal to arrive, it’s worth the wait.  Call  0533 828 9028 to order your take-away.

NB:  Imports of Pangasius in Europe are falling dramatically due to a World Wildlife Fund report on suspect farming and feeding methods, plus the use of certain types of chemicals in the Mekong River area. Click here  for more information.

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